Handmade Birthday Queen Hat

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A handmade birthday queen hat is a great, fun way to really make someone's day extra special. Make a handmade birthday queen hat with help from a crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, I'm Jessie Jane from Lilyshop.com, and today I'm going to be showing you how to make a glittery princess crown. So let's get started. So to start the crown you're going to need to print out the pattern for the actual crown and this is on my website, Lilyshop.com and you can print this out and use this as a template to cut out your glitter paper. This is glitter paper that I got from the craft store. They have every single color. They're really pretty and with my template you can get two out of each piece of paper. So flip your paper around, it's white on the back and use the template and you're just going to trace around. And you want to get to the edge of the paper because the way I set it up is that when you flip it, it makes two exactly on one sheet so there's no waste. So just with a pencil you're going to take the paper and trace around it and these crowns are so pretty. I'm actually using these for a birthday party I'm throwing in a couple months and each girl is going to have her own princess crown. So trace around. I'm only going to trace one for you but you would normally trace two on this sheet. And now you're going to cut it out. This paper is like a 1/5 card stock so it's a little bit thick but normal scissors work just fine. So you're just going to cut it out. So I have one right here that's already cut, a bunch of them actually. And here they are. I have different colors. So we're going to pick one and start with that. Okay now that you have your crown cut out, we're going to embellish it. So I have party streamer, paper streamers here and all you're going to do is take it and make an accordion, folding back and forth. So you want to keep doing it until it's about an inch thick. You're just making a big long fan, back, forth, back, forth and make sure when you get down, squeeze it real tight because this is going to keep the crease when you release it, going, all tangled up here. Okay, so I'm going to cut it off and you're going to hot glue it together to make the pinwheel. So I'm going to take my glue gun and on one side I'm going to do a long piece of glue and I'm going to flip it and glue it to the other side, just like that. Alright, now you're going to lay it out and there's your pinwheel. And you kind of want to crease it back in shape and then you're going to just put one drop of glue in the center and that's going to keep the whole thing in place and it doesn't matter if you can see the glue in the center of the pinwheel, we're going to cover it up with a big glittery star. So while that one dries, I have one that's already done, ta-da, and I have pink, white, I mean this paper comes in every color, you can use anything. So I'm going to take my crown and I'm going to put some hot glue right in the center and put the pinwheel down. It dries pretty fast. Okay, there you go. Now, we're going to add the star and these I just cut out of glitter paper. You can do it with anything. They also sell these already done at the craft store. Again, some hot glue in the center and then stick it down to the middle of the pinwheel. How cute is that? Okay to finish the crown up, you need a hole punch and this is where the ribbon is going ti go so you can tie it around your child's head. So I do a hole punch, don't do too close to the edge or your paper will rip. So go inside a little bit, about a good half inch and then on the other side as well. And this is where your ribbon is going to go. So take your piece of ribbon and you want to slide it through the front. I measured the ribbon out ahead of time so I made sure that it was a good tie and it would fit the back and look pretty and not too short so just do that with your child's head. And instead of tying it in a knot, you're going to use a little bit more hot glue on the edge of the ribbon and lay it down and attach the ribbon to it. I'm using my scissors because it's hot and you're going to burn your hands. I'll do it the same to the other side and then from here, you can add whatever you want. On this one, I used little hole punches that already come like that. They're floral hole punches. They sell them like that at the craft store. I added little stars. You can decorate. You can put a one on it, the initial for whoever's birthday it is. I mean, who wouldn't like this? And it's affordable too. You get two out of one piece of paper. So, those are the princess crowns and again, for the template, it's on my website, Lilyshop.com, Lilyshop.com and instructions for the hole piece is there as well. So thank you and I will see you next time.


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