DIY Gift-Wrapping Accessories

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You can make a wide variety of gift wrapping accessories right at home using tools you probably already have access to. Learn about do it yourself gift wrapping accessories with help from a crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. I’m Jessie Jane from, and I’m going to show you how to hand make gift wrapping accessories. They’re very unique, and it’s a little bit more different than the plain old paper and bow. So, let’s get started. So, the first present I’m doing is a present for a little girl. So, wrap it how you want. And, these are actual headbands that you can get. They come in packs of four from the supermarket. And, I’m going to wrap them with the actual headbands instead of ribbon. So, it looks pretty, and it doubles up as part of the gift. So, place these on. You can even do one in the opposite direction. Okay. And then, these are just little bow clips that I’m going to attach to this. So, you don’t even need to use ribbon. This is your ribbon. It’s a little more festive. Super cute. There you go. That’s the girl’s wrapping. Next, I’m going to do wrapping for a guy. So, put that one there. Now, I’m going to show you a men’s present. So, I wrapped this present in plain brown paper, and I’m going to embellish it with ties. So, this obviously will be part of the gift. If you don’t want it to be part of the gift, you can take one out of your husband or boyfriend’s or whoever’s closet. But, you want to keep the paper looking kind of like a t-shirt, so I’d use stripe paper, polka dot, or plain. I tied the tie on myself, and then I’m going to attach it to the box, just slip it around. We’ll see, does this one fit? There you go. Slides right on. This is great for Father’s Day. Kind of adjust it on the box. Looks like a little t-shirt. And then right here, this is actually a piece of fabric that I cut into the shape of a pocket, and I just hot glued it to the side of the present. Stuck in a little pen, and this is the card to whoever the present’s for. So, that one. You can put suspenders on this. I’ve done different neckties, suspenders, I did a bowtie. If you want to get really creative, you can even glue the hot glue buttons down the shirt. I mean, you could do anything to it. It’s just super cute, you know? Really fun. There’s the men’s present. So, the last gift wrapping idea I have for you is really just a concept. I use brown paper bags for this - from the grocery store. They’re really easy – you just cut up the brown paper bag, flip it inside out, and wrap your present. And, for the fringe on this, I actually used a smaller paper bag and fringe scissors. And, fringe scissors come like this. You can use regular scissors. Super easy. You just fringe up the end of the bag. And, I hot glued it to the end of the gift. Just creates a unique look. For the ribbon, I actually – this is just the extra ribbon. You know when you have a roll and you have, like, an inch left to the end of the roll, and you can’t use it? Just hot glue it to the end of a package. You can use different ribbons. I mean, this is really affordable, and super, super cute. This is a stamp I just stamped right onto it, so I didn’t have to buy pre-done design packaging. And, on this one, I just did coffee filters. These are dyed coffee filters, just the white standard coffee filters that I dyed pink. I have a full tutorial on Lilyshop about dyeing coffee filters. And, I just attach them to the present. So, it looks really pretty, and it cost me practically nothing. So, for more ideas like this, and to see this actual designs, visit me on, and I will see you next time.


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