How to Decorate a Pink, Elegant Baby Shower

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Decorating a pink, elegant baby shower is the perfect opportunity to really let your creative side roam free. Decorate a pink, elegant baby shower with help from a crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone. I'm Jessie Jane with and I'm going to be teaching you how to decorate a pink elegant baby shower. So let's go. When decorating for a baby shower you want to pick two colors and kind of stick within that. When you get too many colors involved, it gets a little crazy and it's just not as pretty. So this particular shower is pink and for the place mats right here I used a simple glitter piece of paper and you can get these at the craft store and it's, you know, it's fairly cheap. It looks like a place mat. It matches the theme and it fits underneath a plate perfectly. So these are just glitter pieces of paper and it's actually card stock so it's very thick. It's not flimsy and then with my napkin, what I did was I used ribbon to embellish the napkin. It's just a piece of ribbon that I tied on the back. You can use, this is a lace ribbon. You can use a satin pink ribbon and do the same. I just rolled it around and cut it to where I thought it would fit. You could even tie a bow if you wanted to decorate it further and for decoration on the table I would do something simple. This is kind of an elegant like shabby chic look that I'm going for. So I put little bird cages with votives inside. I would light these, maybe put some like white roses or some pink dusty roses to kind of tie in the theme. These are bird cages I again just got at the craft store. These are actually on line at my site on Lily Shop and you know, I put candles in them. I think it looks pretty. It's kind of unexpected. It gives it a neat look. If you're going to do a candy bar now for decorating, I suggest that you go again with the color scheme you've already picked out. So I'm using ivories and pinks. I have pink candy in here, again I put lace around the candy jar and I made all these little tags for each individual jar of candy. These are for red velvet cupcakes. If I had a platter out, I put these on gray backgrounds. I glued these little flowers on. All these templates are on my site Lily Shop. So you can just download them and print them directly from the site. Now for the party favors, I got these little pink organza bags and I just filled them with some confetti paper and when I throw a party I like to give each guest something that they're actually going to use. I put some candy in here and then we just did two nail polishes that kind of went with our theme, pink and white and I just think it's kind of fun to actually get something that you're not going to toss away. It's, you know, it's useful and it's pretty and it goes with the theme so these I would probably put next to the plates or you know, on the table or you could even put them by the table when they leave. The last piece that I have for you is the actual item that I made to decorate and I would hang this, I have one hanging from the chandelier out here but if I was throwing a baby shower, I would put them all hanging over the table. So this is actually just a Chinese lantern that you can see right here and the instructions for this are on my website. It's just a Chinese lantern and these are actual coffee filters that I soaked in coffee to get this brown look and all I did was hot glue them to this actual lantern and then I scrunched them all up and added the ribbon. This whole thing could be made for probably $1. You know the lantern itself was only 50 cents. So it's really cheap and they're gorgeous. You can make them in any color. I have one that's fully brown, this one is brown and white. You can even dye the coffee filters and make them pink. It's just a really neat look and you know, and they're pretty poms, you can use them for anything. So that's my last piece. If you want to see any more on this particular party setup, please go to and you can print out all these cards and see everything else on the website and I will see you next time.


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