Non-Carved Pumpkin Designs

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You don't have to carve a pumpkin to use it as a decoration. Get non-carved pumpkin ideas with help from a crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, I'm Jessie Jane with, and I'm going to be teaching you how to decorate pumpkins without going through the whole hassle of carving them. And, I have two options: I have a Thanksgiving pumpkin and a Halloween pumpkin that I'm going to show you later. So, let's get started. So to start this project, you need one plain pumpkin and some leaves from outside and I have a bunch of different leaves that I picked and these I've spray painted gold. So it's just regular spray paint, I layed them down on a piece of craft paper, and I sprayed them all, and they're all dry within one hour. So some of them you want to leave gold and some of them you should leave more natural, like this look I have going here I incorporated both kinds. So, I'm going to show you how I made this pumpkin for Thanksgiving and requires no carving whatsoever, just a glue gun. So get your glue gun out and you're going to want to start layering your leaves and this is really easy. All you do is put glue on the leaves and start placing them on the pumpkin and I kind of did a side pattern on mine. You can do whatever you want but I think it looks really pretty when it starts going onto the table. I would use this as a center piece and probably put some candles next to it. It's really festive, you don't see too many Thanksgiving center pieces. Anyway, so I'm going to keep going, you get the point, I would just keep going with the leaves all the way until I reached the bottom and then I'll show you how I layered them on top of each other. It's kind of hard, I'm doing this backwards but, oh this glue. Basically, you just take some of the leaves and you glue them on top of the ends of the leave in front of it. We keep going, you get it. So now, assuming this was completely covered with leaves, like this one, I'm going to incorporate the letters. And this one says thanks and these are just normal glitter letters that I got at my craft store. They come already cut out and you can get every letter in a box. So, I attached these with hot glue and I'm going to do the same. I have a big pile over here and I will probably put this at the table together. So, all you do is take each letter and put some hot glue at the bottom and then hold it to the pumpkin. Make sure you whip around any of the glue strings, that's a pet peeve of mine. People leave hot glue strings everywhere. It does not look good. All right, the e. How pretty is that? Give Thanks. Now I'm going to show you how to decorate the Halloween pumpkins, again without carving them. So this pumpkin right here was made with glitter ribbon and these glitter Styrofoam balls and a glue gun. It's super easy. I actually used a real pumpkin for this. I think will probably use a fake pumpkin next time because I'd want to save this and this way I can pull it out every year. We always carve some of our pumpkins and then others we like to decorate and most people decorate with paint. So, this is another alternative to paint. So take your ribbon, you can use whatever ribbon you want. I picked Halloween ribbon. This one I did black glitter ribbon. I'm going to use purple on this pumpkin and all you need is a glue gun. Now, you want to go, ideally, under each crease of the pumpkin so I'm just going to put a glue dot at the top and then attach my ribbon and this is see through ribbon so I'm going to press it down with my scissors so I don't burn my finger. And you're going to go along and do it under each crease. You can do whatever pattern you want, you can mix up the ribbon. Use different colors. I'm only going to do a couple to show you. It takes, you know, it takes quite a bit a time so I think having a fake pumpkin would be nice. After all that time, you can save it. This is my last piece. Okay, so now that they're attached on the top, you're going to do the same do the bottom of the pumpkin. So, I'm doing this backwards but basically I would flip this over and follow the crease for each one and then attach it at the bottom. Find the next piece and it's easier doing the top at once and then the bottom at once. This saves a lot of time if you were to do each individual piece, you'd be flipping your pumpkin over every single time. Hot glue is the best invention ever. Okay, so there's the pumpkin. And, again, you'd add more. I'm just showing you right now for the tutorial how to do it. So now, for these glitter Styrofoam balls. These come again from the craft store. It's on my blog, my exact brand and where I got them. They come in a lot of colors. So, I have a big batch right here and what I do is I just start at the stem and I work my way down and each piece has a little spot of glue and they stick instantly. And then if you want, they also come in the same aisle, again this is on my website, little glittery spiders. This one's purple so we'll attach a little spider. And there you go. Here's my finished pumpkin right here. Non carved pumpkin ideas. For more ideas like this please visit me at and I will see you next time.


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