DIY Christmas Goody Jars

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Christmas goody jars are a fun, creative way to really get into the holiday spirit. Learn about do it yourself Christmas goody jars with help from a crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, I'm Jessie Jane from, and today I'm going to be teaching you how to make Do-It-Yourself Christmas goody jars. So, let's get started. The first jar we're going to make is a trail mixture. So, what you're going to do is layer your mix. This is a mix of cashews and nuts that I already mixed together. These mason jars come in packs of 12, this is a medium size mason jar. You can buy the packs at you know, the market, Walmart, pretty much anywhere. They have all different sizes; I'm using the medium one. So, layer your nuts; this is for Christmas so I'm doing red and green M&M's, you could do chocolate covered raisins, you could do fruit if you wanted, and pretty much anything you want. It's just something sweet to give someone during the holidays. So, it's all measured out and now you're going to put your lid on. Now, the lid's come, they look like this, they're just plain silver. So, what I like to do is put a piece of fabric on. I put some flannel fabric on this one. So, to do that, all I did was take some sheets of fabric and lay down my top. Use a little bit of hot glue or any glue, it doesn't matter on the sides and lay it right down on the fabric. Which side do I want? Do this side, press it down. And now, with your scissors, you want to cut around the fabric so it's a circle. You've seen this down before, if you will put a piece of fabric on it and it squeeshes out the bottom. You could use a coffee filter, you can use a piece of paper, it's just to make the jar look more decorative, so you don't see the big silver label right on top. And there's the perfect circle. Here's one that's already done and dry and I put it right back in the lid and cover up the jar. And then around the lid, all I did was take a piece of ribbon, measure it to fit the jar and again, all I did was hot glue it. Super easy, it looks really cute; you could add a personal touch, add a little note to this, to whoever it's from, Merry Christmas and it's something that can just easily take out, pour into a, a bowl and serve, if you know, if they have company. So, the next Do-It-Yourself jar that I have is a cookie jar. And these are really cute and again, easy, easy, easy. So, this is a normal chocolate cookie recipe that I have on my website, So, for this actual recipe, you can go to my website. All I did was measure the recipe. So, this is one batch that would make 24 cookies and I separate that into two large mason jars. Again, these come in big sheets of mason jars. You get 12 per pack at your local store. So, what I did was I put the flour in first, I measure it, this is one recipe, I divided it into two; the flour, then the brown sugar, then the regular sugar and then the chocolate chips. And then you want that layered look because it looks really pretty in the jar. Don't shake the jar when you're doing it, you can shake the first layer to flatten it out and after that, you have to leave it. So, on top of here I'm just going to add some pecans; you can put in, you know, if you're making oatmeal cookies, you can put in raisins, fruit. You could put the red and green M&M's in here so it look festive, kind of going for a more natural look. On this one I left it silver because I'm going to put a label on top. Again, I did the ribbon just like I did with this one. You could do the top like this with the fabric. But, I made a little sticker, I'll show you. Put the pecans in this one, put the top on. Now, I put this ribbon on here with the spoon because this is an actual recipe and what I have here are the instructions from my website. This is the actual cookie recipe and it says, you know, to add the egg, to add the oil and mix, enhance it with love and Merry Christmas and everything else. You can print this right from my website. And then, what you're going to do is stick it right on top of the jar and then you can say, to whoever, you know, whoever it's from and on this ribbon, again, I skipped over that part; sorry, this is just a regular piece of ribbon that I again hot glued directly to the jar. And hot glue comes off mason jars, I should probably not be tilting this. You should do this before you add your ingredients. Good tip. Just in case you ruin the look. Here you go. Glad I didn't ruin it. But, I would do it before if I were you. Okay. And there we go. So, two easy, easy goody jar ideas for Christmas. If you want to see more recipes and crafts like this, please visit me on and I will see you next time.


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