How to Put Candy in Baby Shower Invitations

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Candy can make a great, fun addition to baby shower invitations. Put candy in baby shower invitations with help from a crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone. I'm Jessie Jane from and today I'm teaching you how to put candy in a baby shower invitation so it makes it super exciting. It adds a pop of color and your guests are going to be excited for the party before they even get to the party. So let's get started. Alright so for this project you're going to need a box that fits your baby shower invitation. So you can get these boxes anywhere. You want to get the thinnest box you can find and this isn't a shipping box so you're still going to have to put it into a shipping package. So take your box, I left the foam inside. You can take it out if you want. This is a little bit thicker so that's why I left the foam in. So the shower invitations that I'm doing are hot pink and orange. It's a Moroccan theme baby shower. So I'm going to add orange candy and don't use chocolate, it will melt, obviously. So all you're going to do is pour the candy in and if you don't want to ship these and it's a small baby shower this works perfectly. You can just hand deliver these. It's just something super fun and different and when your guests receive it they're going to be in shock that you sent candy with the invitation. So spread them out, you want just one layer, you don't want to get crazy. Make sure they all fit inside. Press it down and then on top of it you're going to lay your shower invitation. You know I have tissue paper here. If you didn't want to use the foam you can put the tissue paper at the bottom. I like the look of just the candy with the invitation so I'm going to lay it right on top and then I'm going to close it up and this is where you want to add ribbon or something, some pop of color. You might want to put a little note on it to the person receiving it. So I'm just going to tie a hot pink ribbon to the box, tie it down. It looks like a present, there it is and if you are shipping this I would put a piece of tape on both sides just to ensure that it doesn't pop off and then you're going to want to put it right into your shipping package and label it and address it just like you would to you know, to send something normal. So that's it, very easy. For other cute baby shower ideas please go to and check out our website and I will see you next time.


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