How to Make Glittery Table Numbers for Weddings

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Making glittery table numbers for weddings is a great, fun way to get creative on a special day. Make glittery table numbers for weddings with help from a crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, I'm Jessie Jane from and today, I'm going to be teaching you how to make glittery table numbers for a wedding. So, you need glitter paper, scissors, ribbon, a ruler, pencil and a glue gun. And let's get started. So, to start on the glitter and table numbers, you're going to need one piece of glitter paper. And you can get these at craft stores, they come in lots of different colors; here's a brown one, pink, white, black, anything. And we're going to get two table tents out of one piece of paper. So, turn your paper over and I already measured exactly in half and with the ruler, I drew line and then again, so, you're going to measure in the middle where it scours. So, this is going to be where we cut it in half and this is going to be where it scours. So, I already pre-measured, I'm just going to draw my line across so I know where to scour. And first, I'm going to cut out, cut the paper in half for two table tents. You can use regular scissors for this; it's really thick paper, so I like it because it sits straight on a table. Here we go. So, these are two table tents and now, on this line in the middle is where I'm going to scour it. So, take your razor blade and you don't want to cut all the way through. So, you want to gently, use a ruler, gently score the center. If it's not enough, you can always come back and do it again, just don't cut through it, otherwise, it won't bend. Bend. We have a crease, we do it one more time, get a deeper scour, which probably peel that sticker off too. There you go. Okay. So, there's your table tent and I'll teach you how to finish it. You're going to put ribbon on the bottom, 'cause if you just left it like this, it will go like that. So, before we put the ribbon on the bottom, we're going to put our number. So, using another piece of glitter paper, I'm using brown so there's a contrast, all I did was take a stencil, turn the paper over and I traced the stencils onto the paper and make sure that you face them backwards because we're cutting it backwards. So, if you're tracing it right side up, your number is going to be backwards in the glitter paper. So, turn them over and with the pencil, you're just going to trace around the numbers and get them really close to the sheet to save space. Trace around and you'll cut them all out. And you want to cut as straight as possible to get a clean edge on the numbers. Some people make these glitter numbers with actual glitter and just glue; what I like about this glitter paper is it already comes glittered obviously and it's thick and the glitter doesn't flake off everywhere. When you use own glitter, it's always all over the place. So, I traced my numbers and all I would do after this is cut them out. So, I have a pile already here of cut numbers that I'm going to show you. I'm going to put one of the numbers onto the table tent. So, to do this, you can't use glue. When you use glue on the back of this glitter paper, it curls up and it doesn't look good. So, I have right here double sided tape. This is foam tape so the number sticks out a little bit from the card stock and I'm going to cut this in half. When you use two pieces, peel off the backer, this couldn't be more simple. You're going to stick it to the center of the table tent. Oops, get it right in the center, just press down. Alright. So, there it is. Now, I'm going to finish it off so it stands straight, it doesn't do that. So, I have ribbon, I'm using some champagne color ribbon that goes with it. So, all I would do is figure out how close I want it; don't do it too close 'cause it won't stand. Don't do it too wide, you kind of want to find a happy medium. On my website, I gave exact dimensions for both these table tents and the ribbon you should but. So, if you want that, you can go over to my website and see it. So, I'd measure and cut. Again, I have a piece already done, so I'm going to put a little bit of hot glue on the inside of the table tent. Another piece of ribbon on the other side; they're both hot glued in the center. I'm just going to flatten it so they, they'll get cooled off, alright, not stuck. And that stays completely open and doesn't fall apart. Where that take, three minutes? Super easy, you can probably get all your numbers out of one sheet, if you have 12 tables. And again, if you want the template and exact directions for this, go to and download everything from my website. Hope to see you next time. Thanks again.


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