1st Birthday Decoration Ideas to Make at Home

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You don't have to run out to the store in order to decorate your home for a first birthday. Learn about first birthday decoration ideas that you can make right at home with help from a crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, I'm Jessie Jane from Lilyshop.com and I'm going to be showing you how to hand-make decorations for a first birthday party. So let's get started. Okay so my daughter, Olive, is going to be one in a couple of months and we are throwing an old fashioned ice cream parlor party. So I'm going to show you a couple of decorations that I have for the party and in throwing the party you want to keep it consistent so settle on a couple of colors and keep that theme throughout the party. So this is an old fashioned ice cream party and we are going to have an ice cream bar at the party. So I've got these jars and I filled them with various sprinkles and I'll probably set them up at the counter with a bunch of options and then with the ice cream cups, I actually made these little wrappers. These are on line, the tutorial is on line, I linked to it on my website. It's actually from another do it yourself website and I linked directly to it and all these printables are on the website and you can print them out and glue them directly to a plain white cup or get a colored cup, whatever you want and it just makes it a little bit more festive, hand making the cups. It looks really cute. They all say ice cream parlor on them and I'm going to serve these with old fashioned ice cream spoons which again I picked up at the craft store, very easy. The jar embellished with some ribbon and again another label. These printouts are all linked to the site. These are little milk labels that I glued to the bottles. These are for the kids. I'm going to fill them with milk and put you know pink or green straws in each one. It makes it more festive, super fun, looks unique. The next idea I have is actually how to make an ice cream party hat. So my daughter is going to be one obviously and this is using a real ice cream cone and a headband. So I got these headbands at the craft store and they come in packages like this. There's three to a pack. They're plastic and they're white. You can glue right to this. I wanted to wrap mine in ribbon. I took some ribbon, took the headband, hot glue it to the end and all you're going to do is wrap the ribbon around the headband. Go all the way up, keep it really tight and then you're going to hot glue it at the end. Here's one already done. I did three of them and then what I did next was to get the coffee filter look, I took some coffee filters scrunched them up, scrunch up the first one, hot glue it directly to it, take another coffee filter, scrunch it up, hot glue that one, you know, kind of make it look like a big ice cream ball. You can play with it when it's actually glued right now, it's just in my hand so it's a little hard to do and then here's a real ice cream cone and you're going to put hot glue all around the edge and again directly glue to the paper. So you get this cute look and then I embellished it. I just have little, you know, little glitter stickers that I got from the craft store. These are little punch outs that I made with glitter paper, super easy, all of these are on my site and there's step-by-step instructions for each component of this party if you want further detail. So go to Lilyshop.com to see this party and a lot of other party ideas and I will see you next time.


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