Carving a Beautiful, Baked Ham

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Carving a beautiful baked ham requires the right technique and a little bit of good, old-fashioned know how. Learn about carving a beautiful baked ham with help from a culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Monte Mathews of, and I want to show you how to carve a beautiful ham. Make sure that your ham is on a flat surface so that it's not going to roll around and if there is a question you can always cut a quarter of an inch off and flatten your ham here so that it will be on a flat surface. This one is actually fine. What you want t do is you want to find where the bone is and you want to be four inches into the ham where you will make a cut and then make a cut at a 45 degree angle. See what you have? We have this beautiful piece of ham. As you can see, our ham is not pink. It's not supermarket ham. This ham is actually completely devoid of nitrates or nitrites so as a consequence what you have is a ham that looks far more like a piece of fresh ham but the smoky flavor comes from the hickory not from any of the additives that are used in normal commercial supermarket ham and what you do is you cut the ham and you can cut it any sliced way that you would like, whatever thickness you like. An eighth of an inch is really a very nice size. You really need a sharp knife for this one. I just had to change mine because it wasn't sharp enough. Now as you slice, remove them to a plate or platter. So I have a really sharp knife. Now as you slice, remove them to a plate or platter. If you leave ham out for about 20 minutes after you've pulled it from the oven, you'll find carving is much easier. You know the ham is so tender that it really requires a little cool off time. It loses nothing in terms of flavor or texture by doing this. Now with our ham we get a lot of requests for the skin because after all this is where the bulk of the glaze is. So these beautiful pieces of skin should be part of your presentation and it adds immeasurably to the way the platter looks too because it's not all monochromatic. Now once you've carved that wedge, you see you've opened up the whole back end of the ham and it's really quite, the advantage to this is of course if you're not going to serve the whole ham at one time, if you're going to make another recipe for any one of our dishes you can easily carve the ham from this point. I am Monte of Montes Ham, and I say if I know how to carve it, you now know how to carve it. I'm no professional carver but that's how to carve a big beautiful ham.


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