How to Make Your Own Chocolate Favors for a Bridal Shower

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Making your own chocolate favors for a bridal shower is a great way to save a little money in a creative way. Make your own chocolate favors for a bridal shower with help from a consumer, lifestyle and entertainment events and public relation specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Charell Star here, and I'm about to show you two unique chocolate favor ideas for your next bridal shower. If you want to come up with these two shower ideas, one with little chocolate drops, or with little candy bars, I'm about to take you through the steps. So, this is a candy molding tray. You want to make sure you get one of these. Don't just get any molding tray. It's got to be a candy molding tray. They're very durable, and you can reuse them again and again. So, you take your molding tray and just lay it flat on your surface. You’re also going to get what’s called melting chocolate, as well as a candy bag. I like to use disposable ones, because it’s no-mess, no-fuss once it’s cleanup time. But, you take your disposable candy bag and your melting chocolate - not any old chocolate, don’t go to the store and get a candy bar and drop it in here, it’s got to be melting chocolate – and you pour it right into the bag. And, you get it as close to the top as you can. Once it’s almost filled, what you do is you just squeeze the top of the bag really tightly, fold the bag over like that, so it looks like a little carrot. And, what you’re going to do is, you’re going to place this in the microwave for about three to six minutes, and that’s a wide range. You’re going to put it on the Defrost setting, but I’m giving you that wide range because microwaves vary. And, when it starts to melt, you know, take it out of the microwave, squeeze it and press it down so that the chocolate mixes together. You’re going to leave that in the microwave until it’s all melted. You’re going to take it out, and it’s actually going to look like this – nice, melted, very fluid chocolate. And, what we’re going to do now, we’re going to get the bag nice and tight, and we’re going to cut the very tip of this, just the very, very edge of it. We’re going to press down right into the mold. So, you see how I’m filling it? You want to make sure you keep the tip right very close to the actual candy. Keep it as close to the candy as possible, so that you don’t get air bubbles in it. And, you’re just doing it in a circular motion. If you do this and you’re high up, you see how it looks really pretty and really fun? But, you’re going to have a lot of air bubbles in your candy. So, just press it down – press the tip down into the chocolate, so that you get a nice, smooth layer going around. And, you want to get it as close to the rim as possible. And, you just move on to the next one, the next drop. Perfect! So, we’re going to just lay this right here. We’re going to take this tray on a surface, and we’re just going to tap it down. It’s gotten a lot smoother, so you have a nice, even surface. So, what we’re going to do is take this tray and going to pop it in the fridge or the freezer. I like the freezer, it’s pretty quick. It might make it a little more difficult to pop out in the end when we’re taking them out of the tray, but you can pop them in the freezer for about an hour, and they’ll harden. And then, we can go on to the next step. So, after you take your tray out of the refrigerator or the freezer - the freezer’s much faster, as chocolate it’ll just get really cool really quickly – take your tray, and you just dump them over. Once you get them popped out, you’re going to take your little favor jar, just pop the jar open and take, you know, three or four of the chocolates, and just drop them in the jar, and you drop them – I like to drop them all facing the same way. Got four in there. Just close your favor jar, and you can either draw on a “Thank You” tag to it, or you can use a handy little sticker that says “Thank You.” You can put them either or the front of the jar, or on the top of the jar. The great thing about jars and why I really like to use them for favors or even for décor is that people can reuse them for different things once they’re done. So, it’s sort of a two-in-one gift. So, you just pop the chocolates in there. You can also use these foil wrappers for them as well if you want to do individual treats. But, that is essentially how you make chocolate drop favors. The second chocolate favor that I’m going to show you how to make for bridal showers is the candy bar favor. Really, you can make just about anything you want on your candy label. All you need is some colored paper or a fun photo – maybe you put one of the bride and groom. Maybe you put their wedding date. Maybe you put a nice note for all the guests who came. You can get any size chocolate you want. You just want to make sure that your chocolate bar is wrapped in foil, so you can put the paper around it so that it’s still protected, you know, with your paper on top of it. Basically, you just go and you print out what you want your favor to say. I want mine to say “Thank You.” You’re just going to trim it to the size of the bar. You’re going to put your favor right over your candy bar, you’re going to turn it over, and you’re going to whip out your handy little glue gun. You’re going to put a bead of glue right along the edge, and you’re going to wrap it around as tightly as you can. Just press down, and there’s your little chocolate favor for your guest. And, I’m Charell Star, and I just shared with you two of my fun favor ideas for bridal showers.


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