How to Make a Money Tree for a Bridal Shower

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Making a money tree for a bridal shower is something you can do with an actual live plant. Make a money tree for a bridal shower with help from a consumer, lifestyle and entertainment events and public relation specialist in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Charell Star, and I'm going to show you how to make two simple money trees for your next bridal shower. The first money tree I'm going to show you how to make is actually utilizing a live plant. I chose a rose plant because I like roses and what's really nice about choosing a live plant for a money tree is that when everything is said and done and the event is over you can actually give it to the bride so she can plant it at her home or on her patio or in her garden or just keep it around in her home in a pot but basically she always has a reminder of the wonderful event and all of her wonderful friends who came out and supported her for her big engagement and her big day. So utilizing a rose plant is a really really great money tree or potential money tree because they just need a lot of sunlight and a lot of sunlight and some water and they usually do pretty well but for a money tree it's usually pretty pretty simple. What I like to do is take small envelopes and punch a little hole in them and once your guests place their money into the envelope you can just take some ribbon and tie it to a tree. The reason I like to use envelopes instead of utilizing a clothespin or a clip on the actual plant is because some guests don't always feel comfortable giving money and in those cases you can just allow the guests to give a little note of good wishes to the bride and they can put that in the envelope instead of money if they don't feel comfortable giving cash or a check and that's absolutely fine as well. As long as your guests are there, that's all that's important. So you take the envelope and some ribbon and you pick any branch of the tree. It doesn't matter high or low and you just tie it to it. It is that simple for a live plant. There's not a lot of mess or fuss with a live plant and you just duplicate that around with your guests. The second tree I'm going to show you how to make, the second money tree is actually utilizing fake plants, non-live plants and I like you know plants with a lot of color so I pulled these fake flowers that have these beautiful pink blossoms on them and what we're going to do is use a very tall vase and we're going to pour in just some beads that you can get from a craft store or a home store, home decor store and we're going to pour them right into the vase. I'm actually using two different colors of beads. I'm using a clear and then a frosted and then I'm just going to end with a dark purple because I want to have a little color and if you want to mix the beads up and actually get a sort of unified mix of colors you can do that as well. I'm just keeping them separated and once you have all the beads in your large vase or vase pending on where you're from, you just take your branches and just stick them down there, just give them a good push, one after the other, right into the vase, there we go and if you know, they tilt, it's absolutely fine. If you want them close together you can tie some ribbons on the vase but this is a really inexpensive way to do a money tree. Also you can give the bride the vase after if you want to decorate it with some ribbon, you can do that as well but same concept, you give your guests an envelope with a hole punched in it where they can tie little notes or put their money in the envelope and you can tie it right around the tree. This you can put on the floor if it's really tall or you can make it a beautiful centerpiece on one of the tables wherever the bride is sitting and it can be right there. So those are two examples of money trees that you can do easily yourself.


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