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Bridal shower centerpiece arrangements are a lot easier to put together than you might think. Learn about bridal shower centerpiece arrangements with help from a consumer, lifestyle and entertainment events and public relation specialist in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Charell Star and I'm here to share with you some bridal centerpiece arrangements that you can make yourself either at home or with some friends that you do not have to spend a lot of money on. The first centerpiece that I want to show you that is pretty, pretty quick and simple to make are candle arrangements. The first arrangement just uses these little tea lights that you can get less than 99 cent at either a craft store or a large store that sells different decor and you can do three of these on a silver charger or circle platter with a little bit of flowers on there and you got yourself a beautiful centerpiece. You can also do a similar sort of project or centerpiece with large pillar candles. I've got these three green pillar candles and simple candle holders right here. You just take three of these and lay them on any sort of circular decor that you want. What I've used is a easy to do, an easy to replicate decor items. I've used two place mats, I've placed one on top of the other, one's got a little natural feel, one's got a pop of color; I just place one on top of the other, each really inexpensive, under about three dollar each. You take your three pillar candles and drop them right on top of that and you've got a centerpiece. The next centerpiece I want to show you is a flower centerpiece. These were less than a dollar a stem and they've got a nice wire in them, so they bend. Take two of these and a circular vase; you can get one that's low, has a low center of gravity; bend your flower pieces around in a circle and just drop them right in the vase. And they're fake, so you can be a little sort of, you know, forceful with it to get it in there. And once it's situated; let me just see, let me turn it a little bit like that; once it's situated, what you're going to do is take some water and pour it right in the vase. Just make sure you get this nice and submerged and you can fill it up all the way up. And we're just going to push the flowers down, make sure they get nice and wet because what we're going to do next is drop these little floating candles. You can buy these in about a box of 12 to 24, sometimes even larger. And you're just going to drop these nice little floating candles in the vase and put that right in the middle of your centerpiece and you got a nice flower centerpiece for under about five dollars. Hi, I'm Charell Star and I've shown you about four different centerpieces that you can use that are really inexpensive and really quick to make.


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