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Just because a bridal shower theme is "elegant" doesn't mean it will also be "complicated" and "difficult." Find out about elegant bridal shower themes with help from a consumer, lifestyle and entertainment events and public relation specialist in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Charell Star, and I'm here today to share with you some fun and easy and elegant bridal shower themes. I'm going to put the emphasis on simple, easy and elegant. I've got three different themes that I want to share with you today that can be duplicated anywhere around the country for an inexpensive amount of money. They're quick, easy and fun. The first theme I want to share with you is the destination theme that I have here. It's very very easy to duplicate. If you have a bride whose getting married and she's going on a fun, exciting honeymoon, why not bring that to the bridal shower. Why not share that with all of her guests and show, you know, where she's going to be. If she's going to a beach location, it's very easy to find sand from a local craft store that you can use. We're going to cut this open right now, an inexpensive bucket that you can use to pour the sand in, a couple of seashells that you can add as well. These can be used as centerpieces, they, these can be used around the room for decor. To definitely to bring in the destination into the room, I would suggest printing out some photos of various beaches from around the world. If she's going to Tahiti or she's going to Mexico, if she's going to, you know, sandy beaches; try to bring that theme into the room by bringing in some different photos from around that you can just print in photo frames that you can take from around your house, or go to a Dollar Store or inexpensive store to pick them up. You can also use these seashells and they come in a bag and so, if you're not close to a beach and you can't just go and pick up your own seashells, you can just go and grab a bag of seashells from a local craft store and you can use these on the table for centerpieces, you can use them in jars or in vases with candles. You can fill water around them and fill them up to make a really nice decor around the room. So, that's our fun, elegant and simple destination theme. The second theme that I really want to share with you because it's so fun and simple to do is tea party. Tea parties are just all the rave right now because they are just so simple to do. You can do a regular simple and elegant white gloves and hat tea party. You can do a fun Alice in Wonderland theme tea party or you can do a high tea tea party. It's just fun and easy to do for your guests. All you need is you know, a lot of teas, some very pretty cups and saucers, a couple of teapots and some desserts and you can have a wonderful bridal shower theme centered around that. And what's more elegant than tea, than high tea, than having all of your ladies come in, all of your guests come in and sitting around and sharing, you know, laughs and good times over some tea, croissants and that sort of thing. So, you should definitely try out the tea party theme if you're looking for something simple and inexpensive to do. And the third theme that I really want to share with you it's so fun, it's, you do it all the time, but more people should be using this for bridal shower themes, cocktail parties. Wine and cheese is a huge, huge easy, simple theme to do for you the bride, the bride to be. All you need to do a wine and cheese cocktail party, wine and cheese theme bridal shower is some wine, of course. All you need is a couple of bottles of wine, some wine glasses, some cheese and crackers and you can have yourself a nice bridal shower theme. You get extra points if you go out and you ask your guests to bring in inexpensive bottle of wine to gift to the bride, to keep as a gift afterwards. And what's really really great about doing this wine and cheese party is that you can actually make your own labels for these, these are really inexpensive labels that come peel and stick right off the back, right from the craft store. You can stick your own label right on the bottle and write either a nice note to the bride, write her a nice tip for a living well and having a good marriage or you just write you know, why you chose this vintage wine to bring to the party. So, this is a really fun and easy theme to do, doesn't cost any money and it's extra points if you actually get guests to bring bottles to give to the bride as a gift. Hi, I'm Charell Star, and I just shared with you three fun and easy themes for an elegant bridal shower.


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