How to Make Free Bridal Shower Decorations

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Not all bridal shower decorations need to cost an arm and a leg. Make free bridal shower decorations with help from a consumer, lifestyle and entertainment events and public relation specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Charell Star, and I'm going to show you how to make some free bridal shower decorations. These are really simple and fun to do. One decoration that I really really like when I'm trying not to spend any money or I really want to conserve, because you know, I'm spending a lot of time and effort with the bride and I really want to save some cash, I will make what's called ribbon walls and essentially all you need for ribbon walls are some photos, some pretty ribbon that you have around your house. You can print photos on your computer and you can have these run either vertically or horizontally on a wall that you are using for the venue, for where you're going to have the bridal shower at and so you can take photos that you've printed off line, just items that you like so wedding cake, wedding dresses or photos of the bride or you and her or your friends. You could have your guests actually email you different photos, different scenes and different moments from the bride's life that you can incorporate into these. But I'm going to take a moment and how you how easy this is to make. The first step with the ribbon wall is to actually get some ribbon and you can use ribbon you have left over from Christmas, you can use ribbon that you've gotten on different gifts. So you take a pretty piece of ribbon and essentially take some photos that you like, maybe of you and the bride or of the bride from various parts of her life, this is actually just me and I'm not a bride but hopefully one day but you just print them on your home computer, simply cut around the photo and if you've got scissors that do scalloped edges or special shapes you can use those as well to give it just a little more pop or a little more intricacy but I'm just using regular straight edge scissors for this, just cut all the way around the photo cut out any white space. You've got your photo, what you need now is a glue gun. These are really inexpensive. I really personally believe everyone in America should own a glue gun, you can use it for so many crafts. It costs about $3 to get one so go out and get one if you're going to be doing a lot of home crafts. Just line it up with the ribbon, put a bead of glue on the back of the photo, be careful because it is a glue gun, it's a hot glue gun so when you first put the bead of glue on there it's going to be warm so just be careful with that. Take a second bead, put it on the top of the photo. You can take a different piece of decor if you've already got one cut out and go right under your photo and you would just keep doing that all the way down the line until you got through all your ribbon and what you would end up with would be something like this. Of course, this one is in black and white and all you need to do to hang this on the wall is grab a pushpin or some sort of hanging material if you can't put pushpins on the wall you can get two sided tape and you would just basically just push it right into the wall to hang it up and you'd have a ribbon wall. And another free bridal shower decor item that I like to make which is really really easy to do are message bells. I like to cut out bells and make little message boards for the bride that you can hang around the room. These are really easy to do. If you don't want to use bells you can use wedding cakes. You can cut one out and do a wedding cake. You can do a bridal dress but I like bells. So to do something like this all you need to do is cut out a bell. Cut out two of them so that you can actually attach them to each other and we're going to use glue for this. You take your hot glue gun and put just a bead right on the bell, a little off centered let me hold it like this so you can see it, just off centered, just a little bit of glue, take the second bell and just place it right on top of it, just like that, just hold it down very tightly and then what you're going to do is take a hole punch, if you don't have a single hole punch you can use a three hole punch, you know, just use one hole and punch a hole right through the top of it. Take some ribbon that you may have left over from Christmas, from the holidays, from any present that you've received throughout the year, put it right through the hole, tie a little bow or a little knot. I like knots it goes along with the wedding theme and then you've got a nice little message board right there and all you need is a clothespin, to cinch it up tot he top you can have your guests write little messages as they come in and you can hang them around the venue where you're having your bridal shower so your apartment, your local bar, your local restaurant, wherever you are having your bridal shower you can just hang these around, right onto the wall or onto the string and you've got your nice little message board. I'm Charell Star, and I just showed you two fun and easy bridal decor items that you can make at home.


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