How to Knit a Honeycomb Stitch

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Knitting a honeycomb stitch is something you can do with any size needle and any size yarn. Knit a honeycomb stitch with help from a knitting and crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cara Graver at the Cob Studio, and I'm here to show you the honeycomb stitch. This is a stitch you could actually do on probably, any size needle with any size yarn. And the benefit of this stitch, well, it doesn't maybe show up too much. But it's different, it's very thick, it's more like a waffle wave, insulated thing. So, it would make a nice texture and a nice warmth. And it's basically two rows repeated, but offset from each other. So, you have to start with some, a basic knitting row or two and then, you can get into it. The first row goes like this, knit one and then, you knit deeper. And by knitting deeper, I mean, I go into the hole underneath that stitch and then, I knit one and knit deeper. One, knit deeper and I found that I really had to keep telling myself what I was doing, because it was easy get distracted, knit one, knit deeper, knit deeper, knit one, knit deeper, knit one, knit deeper, knit one, knit deeper. O.k., now, for the second row in the pattern, we're going to knit one and knit another one to get to the offset part. And there's a long yarn in front of the next stitch, so I'm going to go into the long yarn and into the stitch. So, I guess, I would call that, and then, I'm going to knit one, because I would call that knitting two. Knitting that long yarn and then, the other. So, knit one, knit the long yarn, and two, the stitch, knit one, the long yarn and do the stitch. Knit one, knit the long yarn and do the stitch, knit one, knit the long yarn and do the stitch. And you can tell what made that long yarn, that's one of the fun things about knitting, after you know the directions, you say, what made that happen? And once you understand it, it's really sinchy. Now, it doesn't show up for a while, but that is, those are the two rows that you repeat to get the honeycomb stitch. I'm Cara Graver at the Cob Studio, and that was the honeycomb stitch.


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