Knitting With Nylon

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Knitting with nylon always requires you to keep a few very important things in mind. Find out about knitting with nylon with help from a knitting and crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cara Graver at The Cob Studio and I'm here to show you knitting with nylon. So, here's a little swatch that I made using fishing line. And you know, fishing line can be pretty tiny. So, I put three different kinds together, I draw out three different strands and it turns out that these are different weights. This is a four-pound test, which means if you put four pounds of pressure on it, it will hold if you're getting a four-pound fish. Or you might go for the larger eight-pound fish and I have no idea what you can catch with this because that's over. So, I put them together; I tied the end together because this stuff is really hard to keep track off. So, I'm just casting on a few stitches and I'm not casting it on in the way I usually cast on. This way is just going to be able to keep control of the, the string, the line more easily. So, I thought, what on earth would you do with something that you knit up out of nylon like this? And I, I came up with, as I was knitting this little swatch, what if you knit a rectangle and you've folded it in half, sewed up on side, sewed up the other and then put old leftover pieces of soap from your shower; you know, you always get these little tiny bar of soap that's takes you too long to get a lather on your washcloth with. So, what do you with it? So, I put, would put those in there, sew it up and use it as a scrubby. So, that's one use I thought of and you would probably have think of others. So, now I'm going to actually knit, not just cast on. And I'm holding tight to the strands so that they stay together and it's not hard to, it's not hard to get your needle in there because they, they do seem to stay together as one, even though really I can't tell that they're separate strings. I wouldn't recommend the European method of knitting for this 'cause you really have to hold them down. So, the American method would go best. So, there you have it; it's a little bit, just a bunch of loops and you can sort of stretch it in all kinds of different directions and make it have any sort of shapes. So, you could probably make a little pouch and fill it with anything you wanted. I'm Cara Graver at The Cob Studio and that was knitting with nylon.


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