Knitting a Ribbed Neckline

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Knitting a ribbed neckline isn't nearly as difficult as you may be thinking. Learn about knitting a ribbed neckline with help from a knitting and crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cara Grave at The Cob Studio and I'm going to show you knitting a ribbed neckline. Now, there are two ways maybe at least that you would want to knit a, a ribbed neckline. I'm going to take a sweater that I already have and show you how you could do that, you could add a neckline. You might want it for more warmth. So, I'm going to pickup some stitches that are on the top of this sweater, at the neckline that was already finished and I'm just going to pick them up; it's very easy because you can see something that you can grab onto. And truth is it look a little bit like that, which doesn't look like the way you cast on, but it's totally fine. So, I could do the whole thing; but, I'm just going to show you in a little piece here. I'm going to get some yarn that's of a different color, but I think it goes nicely. And I'm going to just knit those stitches, have that start my neckline. And I'm going to just do a row of knitting first and then I'll rib. It's very tight sometimes, so, you, you just want to have a nice base for the ribbing. So, I'm just getting this harsh stuff over with. You might find it easier to use the, this method of wrapping rather than the continental stitch for this kind of thing. Okay. So, now I want to do the ribbing. And I'll knit two, I could knit one, purl one; I could knit three, purl three, but I'm going to knit two, purl two. You can also make ribbing with little tiny cables. You see it's going much easier at this point than that first awkward attempt of picking them up. So, there's not a lot to see, but you see that it looks like it actually grows right out of the sweater, which it does. I'm Cara Graver at The Cob Studio and that was knitting a ribbed neckline.


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