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How you will go about knitting pom pom effects depends on exactly what type of effect you're trying to pull off. Learn about knitting pom pom effects with help from a knitting and crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cara Graver at The Cob Studio and I'm here to show you knitting pom pom effects. We're going to look at two different types of pom poms today. We have this larger fluffy cut type; you traditionally typically see on hats. And we're also going to look at this type that's made on a fork and you can cut those as well, there's, both kinds have effects to them. There's the loopy kind and the fuzzy kind. And there'll, there are two methods for making them. Okay. So, this is something that makes pom poms, but also makes different things and if you're wrapping the yarn around it, like this, that starts the pom pom. But, you can also do it simply by getting a piece of cardboard. This was a light cardboard box and this one's a little bit smaller; this is about a half an inch. This one's about a little bit over an inch. And this one made this size pom pom and this one made this size pom pom; just a little shorter in the hairs. So, just for demonstration purposes, I'm going to show you this small one and you just wrap it around; I'm putting my finger in there because I want to send some yarn through there later. And rather than it getting too tight, I'm going to have some space in there. So, I'm going to wrap lots and lots of yarn around this and then, I'll trim this off and send a piece of yarn through there. Okay, I can show it through with these scissors, and tie it up. Tie it as tight as you can and put your scissor in there and trim it. Well actually not trimming it, you're just cutting it open. And this makes your pom pom. If you want it fuller, wrap it more. And you see that it, there's sort of different lengths because as it gets wrapped more, some, some are longer than others; so, you can easily just trim those off to make the length you want and cut these little ends. So, that's that kind. And then this kind is brilliant. This is great for children, fun for adults as well and you get a fork and you first put some yarn through the middle of the fork and then you weave on the fork. And I'm not weaving too tightly. Now, I don't know whether it's harder for children to weave loosely or hard for them to weave tightly. But, it'll work no matter what you do. And then, when you think you're almost done, shove it down so that you can do more. And I guess you could move, use a really large fork, you know, like a meat serving fork or something like that, some forks have longer tines than other, you can try that. Alright. Then, we're going to trim this off and take this piece that we put in the middle of the fork and bring it up and start to tie it together. And then, you pull it off the fork and tighten your tie as it slips off the tines and then tie a knot. Now, be careful you don't get your strings mixed up because if you're put, pulling the wrong strings, you'll be unraveling it. Just trim this off. You might leave a, you might leave something to knit into your, the piece that you're making. But, I'm, for now, I'm just going to trim this off. And there it is, it's tight and compact. And you can imagine that if you cut like we cut this one, you'll have something fuzzy. So, there you have it, two ways to make pom poms and tons of uses. I'm Cara Graver at The Cob Studio and that was knitting pom pom effects.


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