Origami Dog Crafts

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Origami dog crafts are a great, fun and creative way to spend time with the little ones in your family. Make origami dog crafts with help from an Origami expert and professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Alvin with Origami by Aki. I'm going to show you how to make the barking dog with origami paper. You start with the one sheet which is white on one side. And we're going to make a basic form with the colored side down. Fold it in a rectangle, open it up fold it in to a triangle in both directions, another rectangle. And you fold one corner down, the other corner down on the other side. And then this open part, just open that up and flatten it down. We're going to, see with the open part here, we're going to fold this one corner down to about there. Then the other side in to, fold it so it folds in to this top line to right about here, and we're going to open up the whole thing. So when you unfold this, I've made a few lines here, and dashes here are going to be valley folds which means that we fold it like a valley. The dashes with the dots in there means it's a mountain fold, which means you fold it like this, like a mountain. So you have two mountain folds here. And this is also going to be a mountain fold. So the idea is we're folding it back like this, the valley here and the mountain folds here. And then this is going to be the ears here. OK. So this is how your form the head. And this will be the tail part here. And to make his nose, we're just going to take this part here, fold it back to about here, and just do an outside reverse forward. That's a nice nose. And if you hold it back here and pull the tail, this sort of acts like he's barking. So, woof, woof. This is the barking dog, so hold it down here and pull it back for the barking motion. This is Alvin with Origami by Aki, and that's how you make the barking dog.


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