Origami Frog That Hops

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Just because a frog is made out of paper doesn't mean it can't hop like a real one. Make an origami frog that hops with help from an Origami expert and professional in this free video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Origami Animals
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Video Transcript

This is Alvin with Origami by Aki, and today we're going to make a hopping frog. Alright we're going to start with a rectangular sheet of paper and you're going to start with the blank side down and we're going to fold one corner over like this and then open that up and then fold it to the corner on the other side, make sure it comes to a nice point and then we're going to do this fold so it looks like this and this is going to be the head and these two flaps are going to be the front feet. You put your finger right in the middle here and lift up just the top sheet only and have it come off to the side like that, so that's one of the front legs, do the same on the other side. Now we're going to make the body so bring this bottom sheet right up to the middle and then we're going to make a fold right in the middle here just really to find out where the middle is. So just make a little crease there and we're going to take this edge to that little crease and we're going to go underneath the front legs. So we're going to fold it underneath the front legs right to the middle like that and we're going to do the same thing on the other side so that they meet in the middle. Okay and then we're going to bring this bottom sheet again to the middle and this is the tricky part now, we're going to open this up, take these two corners here, bring them out to the side and then flatten it down so that it looks like this. So what we're done is folded it so from here we're bringing this up, these two corners and then folding it down. These don't have to come to the point like they are here, just cut them to an angle like that and then the same way we did the front legs we're going to do the back legs. Again put your finger in the middle here and then turn this one sheet back at an angle so that it comes out and the same thing on the other side and then we're just going to flip it over. We're almost done, we're going to fold it in half where it will naturally fold here. So that's just where all these things meet and then one last fold is going to be not in the middle here but just a little bit below the middle and, so it's going to be, this last fold is going to be a little bit below the midpoint here and the reason is to make it hop, we're going to use two hands and you don't want to push this down too hard or otherwise it's going to lose its hop and put your thumb lightly on this top part here and then just move your thumb down like that. And the reason by the way that this is below the midpoint, is because otherwise when you're doing this, you see right now, if you look at it from above you wouldn't see the bottom part and if it were right in the middle though, your thumb moving down might get caught on this second part. So that's why you want to make sure it doesn't get caught there. Okay so this is the finished frog and you can kind of curl the front legs a little bit and of course you can put little eyes on the top either draw them in or get those little ones that you glue on the top as well. And that's how you do the origami hopping frog.


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