Traditional Origami Fish

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Making a traditional origami fish only requires that you follow a few basic, easy to manage steps. Learn about making traditional origami fish with help from an Origami expert and professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Alvin with Origami by Aki. I'm going to show you how to make the angel fish using copy paper or origami paper. I'm going to start with a square sheet of paper. Color side down, we're going to start by using a bird base; so fold it in a rectangle in both directions. You're going to fold one corner down and the other corner down on the other side. You're going to open it up and flatten it down and then, make a kite shape on one side, with the open part over here. Flip it over, do a kite shape on the other side. Fold this top part down and then, carefully lift the top sheet only so it comes to a nice point and this is called a petal fold. Flip it over, open up the two sides, bring up the top sheet and it'll complete the bird base. So, with the two legs down here, let's see, I'm going to fold down this two top parts, so it's like this. And then, this one piece here we're going to bring up to the top, it comes up like that. And then, we're going to take this, ouch, here it comes to a nice point; we're going to twist this point here so it goes over to this corner. And then, do the same thing so it goes to the other corner here. And when it stands up like this, you're going to bring up the sheets together. So, it comes up like this, this is called a rabbit ear fold and just push it down in one direction. Flip it over and do the same thing on the other side so we can bring this up to the top. Then, twist this so it goes over to this corner, then to the other side and bring this up like that. And this side we brought out in that direction, so this one we're going to bring on the other direction. We're going to move this to back, this is going to be the back fins and this part here, we're going to fold back towards the middle; this is going to be the head. We're going to kind of bring it out so it's a little bigger head. Flip it over, do the same thing on the other side and then, we're going to draw, inverse this fold so it comes out like this. Again, the same thing, we're bringing this out and just sort of squashing it down here. Okay. This is Alvin with Origami by Aki and that's how you make an angel fish.


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