How to Make a Dollhouse Miniature Antique Shop

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Making a dollhouse miniature antique shop requires you to pay close attention to three important elements. Make a dollhouse miniature antique shop with help from a published children's writer and illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Ashley Lucas and I'm the artist and crafty girl behind Today, I'm going to be showing you how to make a dollhouse miniature antique shop. For your antique shop, there's three very important elements, the structure, the furniture that goes inside and the accessories that you're going to use. So firstly, let me show you the structure of my antique shop is just a simple shadowbox, four walls. You can put some plexiglass on the tops so no dust comes inside. You can find these at almost any dollhouse miniature store or toy store or you can even assemble it from plywood from the hardware store. If you want something even simpler, a shoebox will do or just about any cardboard box. You can be very imaginative with this. Okay, so after your structure is complete, you're going to need the furniture inside and the main components I have in mine are some tables like for the display window in the front, a counter and shelving. Shelving is very important for all your little accessories that you're going to add later. This is a really simple idea for just a piece of furniture. If you take half of a toilet paper roll and add some sturdy paper to the top, you have a great little table that you can use inside your store. After you have your furniture figured out, you're going to want to accessorize. So some very simple ideas from any jewelry or bread store, you can find something like these little guys. They are porcelain beads, a teddy bear, a dog, they would look great on the shelf. Also, from any bead store or jewelry store you can find something similar to this. It's like a mini frame. You can pop out the front and add a picture inside and hang it on the wall of your antique shop. This is another idea this cute little elephant. It came from a package of Tetley tea. This is another cute little knick knack I found, anything small, preferably an animal, Buddha head, something like that would look really cute in your antique shop. This is a really simple idea. Just using a little cocktail umbrella. If you would like to make a jewelry case you can use any kind of case like shape like this, put a little felt inside and add some beads to the top for jewelry. These look like little antique broaches I think. If you don't have a case like this you can use a simple plastic box like this one, open it up, add your felt and your beads inside. Okay and I also use this kind of Plasti-Tak putty on almost all of my items inside because it helps everything to stick together and you don't want all of your precious items falling off the shelves. Okay I hope you enjoyed joining me to make your very own dollhouse miniature antique shop. My name is Ashley and you can find me on line at


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