Popsicle Crafts for Kids

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You'd be surprised by how many wonderful crafts you can create using little more than a Popsicle stick. Learn about Popsicle crafts for kids with help from a published children's writer and illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Ashley Lucas and I'm the artist and crafty girl behind Ladylucas.com. Today, I'm going to be showing you how to make some cute Popsicle crafts for kids. In my hand I have what I like to call Popsicle puppets. I have a little monster, a mini Popsicle and a little ghost. These are just three ideas that you can draw on. Holidays are a great theme as well as many foods, all kids love deserts and monsters for the boys. So, let me show you the materials that we're going to need today. You're going to need several Popsicle sticks, that's very important, some markers in assorted colors, a little bit of white cardstock for the eyes, a hole puncher, some scissors, some construction paper in assorted colors, strong craft glue and some glitter. Alright so when you're ready to make your puppet, you have to first decide what kind of shape you want to make. I love the desert theme so I would like to make a little grape Popsicle. So first you're going to need to cut your shape out. For this Popsicle shake you're going to need a rounded rectangle, okay and especially if you have dark paper like this you're going to want to cut out some white paper for the eyes so they really pop. You can use a hole puncher for that. Okay, let me put my puppets aside and when you're ready you can decorate your puppet, maybe add some eyes, a little mouth, some eyebrows, okay, maybe a little pattern, I'll do some hearts because I love hearts, okay and when you're all done decorating it, you can use some glitter if you'd like. I'm just going to keep mine like this and you're going to flip it over and put a little glue on the back and you're going to stick your Popsicle stick like so, okay, you can flip it back and then for an added pop of color, you can just go across the bottom like this, make some stripes, just something extra for the kids to do. Okay, alright and when you're all done you're going to let that dry fully and then you have a cute little puppet to play with. Alright, thanks so much for joining me for this Popsicle stick craft for kids. My name is Ashley and you can find out more about me and my crafts at Ladylucas.com.


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