Alternatives to a Suit & Tux for the Groom

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If the groom doesn't want to wear a suit and tux to his wedding, there are a number of different alternatives that are completely acceptable. Learn about alternatives to a suit and tux for the groom with help from the marketing head for a prominent online and storefront wedding dress business in this free video clip.

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Hello my name is Thomas Pacer, Vice President of store operations in Savvi Formalwear, Atlanta, Georgia. I'm often asked a question about alternatives to a suit or tuxedo for a groom. It's a great question. I get this posed as the wedding process is starting the planning stages or I'm at a bridal show or quite frankly a bride and groom will come in the store to pick out tuxedos and they'll say what's an alternative for my groom from wearing a suit or tuxedo. Quite simply there isn't too many alternatives. Once again the basis for a tuxedo or a suit for a groom is to complement the bride's dress. That dress really is the focal point of the wedding and a nice complement to the dress is the groom's attire. The groom's attire should not outshine the bride's attire. The groom's attire should not sparkle more than the bride's attire but it definitely needs to be on par with what the bride is wearing in her gown. There are some exceptions. First I would point out would be military dress. There's nothing more formal than a military dress uniform. So if a groom is active military or retired, I would definitely recommend he wear his military dress assuming that the bride is comfortable with that look. It's an elegant timeless look. So the other alternative besides military dress is family history or cultural looks. For example, the Indian sari attire for a groom. That would be an alternative to a coat, a tuxedo coat or suit for a groom's attire. But quite simply nothing really is as timeless as a suit or tuxedo when it comes to a groom and his wedding attire. But quite simply nothing really is an alternative to a suit or tuxedo. Again when a wedding concludes the bride and groom go, they sit down with the photographer, they look at the wedding portraits from the wedding, the focal point of the wedding attire is that bride's dress. They pick out a portrait that they're going to hang on the wall that will be there forever and to have an alternative you know with a dress that's so lovely and beautiful as your bride's dress, no alternative exists. Simply stated stick with a suit or a tuxedo for your groom and you can't go wrong. My name is Thomas Pacer. I'm Vice President of stores, Savvi Formalwear, Atlanta, Georgia, answering the question about alternatives to a suit or tuxedo for a groom for a wedding.


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