How to Make Juicy Hamburgers Out of Lean Ground Beef

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Just because you're cooking with lean ground beef doesn't mean your hamburgers won't still be juicy when finished. Make juicy hamburgers out of lean ground beef with help from a celebrity chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Bryan Scheehser from the Trellis at the Heathman Hotel in Kirkland, Washington and we're here to show you how to make a juicy hamburger out of lean ground beef. We're going to start off today with ground sirloin and this is a special grind and in order to have a juicy hamburger, we want a certain fat content. So, we're looking for about eight to ten percent fat and that means we're going about 90 to 92 percent lean. Now, we've asked our butcher to grind this for us, so it's already pre-ground and what I'm going to do is I'm going to add into this little bit of sauteed red onion, little bit of sauteed celery and some fresh herbs. And that is going to help us create a nice juicy burger. I want to put a touch of pepper, not too much salt, just a little bit of salt. Now, the celery and the onion have been pre-sauteed a little bit. What they're going to do is when we cook our burgers slowly, they're going to bring some juice and they're also going to help keep it nice and lean. So, I'm going to put a pair of gloves on. One of the most important things when making burgers or handling ground meat is that you want to have your work surface cleaned and sanitized. Make sure that your cutting board, run it through the dishwasher, all your utensils are nice and clean and I'll show you a little trick when we format; just a Ziploc bag or a little piece of plastic works great for keeping all those things off your counter. So, I'm going to mix our celery and our onion in with our ground beef, so it make, we want to mix this really well. We're going to form this into four patties and we're going to make sure everything is mixed in nice. If you want all your patties to be the same, little trick is to have a scale. You can set your scale for the ounces that you want; a six-ounce burger, seven-ounce burger, eight-ounce burger. And then, for forming our burgers so they're all the same, we use a ring. And this actually, this ring makes a perfect six-ounce burger. And I'm just going to set that on top of our plastic wrap, put my ground beef in the center. Just put a touch more on top there, we want to fill it right at the top. So, you can turn that over, take our burger out. That's just an eight-ounce burger, this is a pretty hefty burger. It, it's delicious when grilled and makes a great sandwich for two. Another little trick we can do here is we want to make a couple of small burgers for the kids. Just take a little bit, make a couple of little tiny burgers here. Now remember, when you're getting ready to cook your burgers, you're then again want to season them with a little salt and I like to season high up that way they're, it's evenly distributed over the top of the burgers so we don't have a lot of salt in one spot. Put a little bit of pepper. And this is how to make a juicy hamburger with lean ground beef. Again, this Bryan from Trellis at the Heathman Hotel in Kirkland.


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