Mothers Day Purse Scrapbook: Assembling the Inside

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It's important to choose your designer paper before assembling the inside of your Mother's Day purse scrapbook. Learn more tips about assembling the front of your Mother's Day purse scrapbook from a craft expert in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Now that our paper is all cut we can start assembling on the inside. What I like to do first is go ahead and choose your paper, which way you want it to go. If the paper has any kind of design, up or down in it you want to make sure you have it oriented the right way. Go ahead and put a little bit of adhesive on the back, again hitting those corners, one in the middle for good luck, and then using your grid paper, line it up and just go ahead and push that down. Now when you get ready to adhere this to this pocket you want to make sure that you leave this side of the envelope open because, that's where one of your pullouts is going to be for your photos. So you're only going to hit three sides this time, and I'm going to put a little bit more this time just to keep it. Then I can go a little bit in but not so I close this pocket. Alright, so then we're going to go ahead and give yourself about a quarter inch border all around. Place that down. You see how now I can still slide my hand in there? That's what you want. Now we're going to go ahead and do the same thing on the other side. Don't feel bad if the first time you close off your pocket, I did that. It's called a learning curve. This one is going down. Now just remember on this side it's the opposite side that we're not putting the adhesive on. So adhesive on the three sides and then you can put some in, in a little bit, so you can still get your hand into that pocket. Now you're going to be about quarter inch edges all around. Smooth that down. Double check, now you can still get your hand in there because, if you did make a mistake now would be the time to peel it off and start over. Now for my last piece I'm just going to go ahead and put adhesive on it. Remember I've pre-scored the middle so it works a little easier and I'm just going to line it up with the score in the middle and go ahead and press that down. Now all three pieces of our inside of the purse are done and ready to go on to the next step.


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