How to Knit a Diagonal Scarf

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Knitting a diagonal scarf is a great, productive and creative way to pass the time. Find out how to knit a diagonal scarf with help from a store owner and craft expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Kelly Dolan from in Denver, Colorado. I'm going to show you how to knit a diagonal scarf. To start knitting a diagonal scarf, you only need to cast on three stitches. After you have casted the three stitches, you'll knit one row and then on the next row which will be your increase row, you will increase, make two increases per row for your increase rows. So, for that next row that's the increase row, you'll knit in to the front of the stitch, leave the stitch on your left needle, knit in to the back of the stitch. And then you drop it off. You'll knit across to the last stitch and you'll knit in to the front of the stitch and again in to the back of the stitch before dropping that stitch off of your left needle. So, right now you have, you've increased from three stitches to five stitches and you'll continue in the same manner, knitting one row straight, so no increases. And then the row after that will be an increased row and you'll knit front and back for the first stitch and the last stitch. You'll continue until you have the scarf at the width you would like it to be. So, I have this sample so that it is the width that I'd like it to be. It's a skinny scarf. And next I start doing a row that has both an increase and a decrease. So, the first stitch of that increase, decrease row, you'll knit in to the front and in to the back of that first stitch. You'll knit across the rest of the stitches, until you get to the last stitch, or rather the last two stitches. Because you are going to decrease. So, again, I'm still knitting straight across. And then once I have two stitches left on my left needle, I will knit then together. So, here are my two stitches, putting the needle from the left in to both of those stitches, wrapping it around, pulling it through and dropping the stitch off the left. So, I increased in the beginning of the row, I decreased at the end. The next row will just be a knit row and then I will repeat the increase and the decrease. Once I have the scarf to the length I want it, obviously much longer than this, otherwise this is like a Barbie blanket, I will decrease on both sides. I will decrease on both sides. So, we'll start with knit two together, where we put the needle through the left of the second stitch, and through the first stitch. Wrap the yarn around, pull it through and drop those two stitches off the needle. I'll knit all the way across to the last two stitches and I will knit those stitches together. That's how you knit a diagonal scarf. I'm Kelly Dolan from in Denver, Colorado. Thanks for joining me. Happy knitting.


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