Easy Recipes for Apple Pork Chops

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Apple pork chops don't require that you spend all day in the kitchen. Learn about easy recipes for apple pork chops with help from a celebrity chef who trained at the Culinary Institute of America in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Bryan from Trellis at the Heathman Hotel in Kirkland, and we're here today to show you easy recipes for apple pork chop. Apples, when they're in season, are absolutely amazing. They're crisp. They're beautiful. They're full of flavor. And we often think of just taking a bite out of a beautiful apple, but what about cooking with it? Pork chops and apples, they blend very well together. What I'm going to do is quickly show you how to lightly marinate a pork chop. So, you got two beautiful pork chops here. I like to get them with a little bit of fat on them, so that they have all that flavor from the fat. Going to put a little olive oil on those pork chops, a little black pepper, no salt. Going to take some fresh thyme, and I like to use the whole sprigs, and just rip them. So, you're going to rip the thyme, put it on our pork chops there, a little shallot. We're going to get all these flavors. And turn those over. We do the same on the other side: little black pepper, little thyme, little olive oil. This can be done the night before, and all those flavors will infuse into the pork. Now, what do you do once it's marinated? We're going to take that, and we just take our pork chop, and we're going to put it in a hot saute pan. And I already have one here that I've already started. So, we've taken our marinated pork chop, put it in the pan, and a Granny Smith apple. I've peeled the apple, we're just going to remove the core, we're going to, then, slice that apple. Going to put that into a saute pan with a little bit of butter. A little bit of butter, and a little bit of salt, so we have salted apples. Just leave them on the stove for just one minute. Let them saute lightly with the butter. Flip our pork chop over, there. Plate. We want to put a few of our apples on the bottom there, our pork chop, few more of our apples on top. Like to add a little green to the plate, so a little fresh watercress. And we just tuck that underneath our pork chop. We're going to finish this with a little olive oil. And I reduced some apple cider. And you put the cider into a shallow saute pan, and just reduce it for about 8 to 10 minutes, until it's the consistency of maple syrup. And we're going to just garnish our pork chop with the apple cider. There we have pork chop with apples.


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