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The mantel of a fireplace can make a prime location for many different types of decorations. Get ideas for how to decorate a mantel for Christmas with help from an author, magazine editor and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Hi I'm Colleen Mullaney for and you know there are just a few tips for making your mantle this holiday season, just holiday fabulous. So first of all when you're decorating a mantle, always start with the largest objects first and these are great candle holders that I found at a local craft store and you just kind of, I have two of them so I'm just going to put them equal distance. And that gives us a really nice base to work from. Next I'm going to start with my garland and I'm doing a silvery Wintery theme this year so I've got some really great lush silver greenery here that's been sprayed and has extra sparkle and what you're going to do is just lay it around and make sure the tips kind of, they kind of come over the tip of the mantle a little bit so it really creates the idea or the effect that everything is just kind of overflowing with holiday glam. Now on top of that I have this other great silvery greenery that I found. It just kind of has a different air of sparkle and that's great. Now when you're doing a mantle you really want to mix up the textures and colors so it's really great to have a couple of little different greenery items here. Now on top of that I found this great trim and I actually found it in the bridal aisle but I thought with the pearls and the iridescent balls, it would be a perfect addition to the mantle and what you're going to do with this is just simply string it along and you know, you can put it in the back of your cylinder because the cylinder will weigh it and that will actually keep it on the mantle and keep it down and this is wire trim so you can actually just really really work it to however you want it. There we go and just keep on working it all the way down the mantle just like that and it adds another dimension of texture and color. Okay, perfect. Now, to that we're going to add a little bit, well you know, a little bit more holiday glow. And these are just low votives and they have a little red center which is really kind of nice. It adds a little extra holiday sparkle. So I'm just going to stick one right in here in between the garlands just like that and then another one over here and again you want to keep them equally spaced. So if you have two flanking this cylinder, then you want to have two flanking the other cylinder. Now on top of that for a little accent and finish, we have these jeweled fruit. These jeweled pomegranates are so adorable and I found them in the craft store. They were really inexpensive but look how pretty they are just laying in the greens. They really add a nice touch and a nice texture to your mantle decorations, put two there. And now, I found this bird, I think this is really fun because we need to be a little over the top, you know, it is the holidays and look at him. He's perfect, just like that. I love his feathers. And there we have it. This is a great basic mantle and use these tips and techniques to make your mantle holiday fabulous this season. Thanks for watching. I'm Colleen Mullaney.


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