Christmas Garland Crafts for Kids

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Christmas garland crafts may be a little bit nontraditional but are still quite fun and festive. Learn about Christmas garland crafts for kids with help from an author, magazine editor and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Colleen Mullaney for and I've got a great Christmas craft to share with you today, it's making garlands for kids and you know, I thought let's go a little bit nontraditional and see what we can come up with and I think these are so much fun and so colorful and the kids are going to love making them. The first thing we're going to make is just a row of dots. They kind of remind me of candy. Now I found this glitter card stock and this came in like a prepackage, I think there was, oh I don't know, there was so many sheets, a big thick stack of them and I actually got it on sale at one of the craft stores and then I found this whole puncher which is my new favorite toy. You just stick a piece of card stock in there and this is magnetic and you push down and you have a perfect circle. How great is that? So you just make a pile of circles, my new favorite toy, and then you take, I have this great roping, I just think it's fun, it's a little glittery, it's pink. And what I did was I just created a pattern of the dots and so I think on this pattern the next color would be this melon color. So what we're going to do is just take two melon circles and you know, you can just really guess the distance between the two, it's about six inches. Just put one on the bottom and we're using some tacky glue, tacky glue works really well and when you're putting the top circle on top, make sure it's centered and then really press down and squeeze and some glue might come off, that's fine but you have to make sure that it really is secure, the top layer to the bottom layer and then just set it aside to dry and then move on. And what a great fun colorful garland this is. The kids are going to love making these. It's a little like Candyland. Now the next garland we're going to be making is just fun, a little noisy, you know, kids love noise and these are so colorful. I got a big, little, you know, a big bucket of jingle bells and you know, they come in all different colors and sizes. So I got this bright pinks and iridescence and a little glittery combination and I have some great ice cream colored roping that I have here and I just simply tied them on about one every six inches. Now you notice I didn't use the blue because I thought well let me save the blue bells for something else, maybe some ornaments or something but I love the pinks and the greens with the garland. This would look so cute on a mantle or even like on a white Christmas tree. This would really really light it up and the kids love the jingle bells because you know, they're jingle bells. So that's another great idea for a garland for kids and the third one is really great for the smaller crafters in your house. It's just kind of a different take on the paper chains and what these are, these are sheets, these are border sheets that I got at the craft store in the scrapbooking section and they are just border sheets and they're already perforated so they're perfect. The kids can kind of just take what they want and if you see the perforations, they can make different combinations. They can have a thin chain in the middle of the thicker chains, whatever they want to do. And what I've done is I've just taken them and I've cut them in half because they're easier to work with with little fingers, you just take this and you can glue it or you can use some tape, some double sided tape and just tape them together like the traditional chains and here we go, and that's how it is and look at the finished one. Isn't it so cute and so colorful? And it's so kid-like, your kids are going to love it. Thanks for watching. I'm Colleen Mullaney.


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