Wine Party 101

Who doesn’t love a good wine tasting party? While spending the evening sipping reds, whites and rosés is always classy and elegant, it can often be expensive. Before spending the big bucks (or heading for the two buck chuck), check out these tips from Evette Rios for how to save money, have fun, and make your wine party a success.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Evette Rios here on, and I wanted to share with you guys some tips about how you can throw a little wine themed party at home without spending a dime. So, first of all, when you invite your guests, tell them to bring one of their favorite wines, something that they've tried, that they love, that they would love to share with other guests. And then, when they bring their wine, open it up and serve it, because instead of stashing this away and grabbing something else from your personal wine collection, you're going to actually serve the wines that they bring. And then, one of the things that I like to do, is I like to create labels for all of my guests. I just use regular old shipping labels. You can get this from any Office Depot or office supply store. And, you're just going to write the people's name right on it. So, let's see, I'm going to write "Rosemary" on this one. And then, I actually put this right on the bottle of wine. When Ro comes, put it right on her bottle, and that way everybody at the party knows which wine is Ro's. Open them all up, and let people try the wine. It's a great conversation starter. It's a great way to go up to someone and say,"You know what? I really love the bottle that Rachael brought. That was delicious. Rachael, where did you find that? You know, when did you try it last?" It really gets the conversation started, and gets the party going. And, you want to remember, when you do serve wines like this, you want to basically have at least one bottle of wine for every two people. So, you invite eight people, open up four bottles. That's about two glasses each. Frankly, for me, it's about a bottle a person, but, hey. And then, when you're serving your glasses, and you're setting up everything for your wine bar, you don't have to necessarily have all those fancy mirrored trays and things like that. You can actually use just a plain mirror. This is a mirror I pulled right from my wall. And, you just set up your glasses on here, some cocktail napkins. It looks great, and it doesn't cost a cent. Thanks for watching. I'm Evette Rios, and keep checking me out on

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