Chocolate Ganache

Heather Bertinetti stirs up a silky chocolate ganache, explaining the proper chocolate and cream ratios for a cake filling, a medium ganache and a dipping sauce ganache. She also demonstrates how to emulsify the ingredients to take your cake filling to the next level.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Heather Bertinetti, and you're watching Today, I want to talk to you a little bit about ganache. Ganache is a fancy French term. Really all it is is cream that's melted with chocolate. There's really nothing crazy complicated about making ganaches, however, ratios do matter when it comes to ganache. There's a two to one ratio. That means two parts chocolate and one part cream that's usually used for cake fillings. The second one is called a medium ganache. That's a two to two ratio. That means two parts cream to two parts chocolate and that's used for your Russell Stover Bonbons or those good little Easter candies and chocolates that you like to eat all the time and let's talk about dipping sauce ganache. Dipping sauce ganache is fun for any kind of application for a store bought cake or whatever you want to use it for and that means two parts cream to one part chocolate. Today we're going to make a ganache for a cake filling. The reason why I talk about ratios when it comes to ganache is if I'm going to use this for a cake filling as my application, I want it to be pretty stiff and hold up in the cake and make sure that it's sturdy. If you don't have a scale available and you can't do grams or ounces and you need to scale down or measure out your chocolate, I would say do 16 ounces of chocolate which usually come in one full bar and one cup of heavy cream brought to a boil. I have my cream already boiled. I'm going to pour it over the chocolate, aim for the center. And with a rubber spatula, I'm going to start making sure that all the cream is melting the chocolate. So we'll stir it around. Now the key to making a ganache emulsify which is what we like to call it. It's a nice little fancy term to make sure that it's all mixed well and perfectly incorporated is we like to start from the center. And we mix from the center out making sure everything gets melted. So you can tell by looking at this, that there's not that much cream to the chocolate. This is going to create a nice stabilized cake filling. The more you agitate and stir the chocolate, it should come to a silky almost pomade consistency. So this is what the ganache looks like at the end. See how it's a nice smooth silky consistency? This is what it should look like. Let's say you had a cream that was extremely high in fat and you're ganache happened to separate, which happens to the best of us, even restaurant chefs, it happens all the time. Here's a little quick tip for you, just to show you how to get it to come back together and emulsify. I'm going to take some cold heavy cream, literally about a tablespoon for this amount, maybe not even and I just put it right in and anything cold, will seize up the chocolate and make it come back together. So I stir in the cold cream and it comes back together to a beautiful silky ganache. So after my ganache has fully come together, it should look like this and should be silky smooth. The fun thing you can do about ganache which is my favorite application is you can always add alcohol to it as well. I like to use Rum, Disaronno, Kirsh. You can use anything that you'd like and it gives it an interesting flavor. So if you're trying to make let's say an orange flavored cake filling and you want to use a chocolate cake filling with orange to it, you can add an orange liquor. It's a fun thing to do. I'm Heather Bertinetti and catch me again on

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