Elegant Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Becoming a mother doesn't mean you have to become less elegant or sophisticated. Mothers-to-be who enjoy classic styles will appreciate a baby shower that is more sophisticated than playful. Move away from the cutesy and create a baby shower that is tasteful and timeless using classic decorations, beautiful items and muted colors.

  1. White Roses

    • Set out small bouquets of white roses throughout the room. Flowers signify life, and the color white signifies innocence and purity--perfect characteristics to describe a new baby. Place the roses in a silver pitcher, and set a silver rattle next to the pitcher. Or, place the flowers in a crystal vase and tie a blue or pink ribbon around the flowers to identify a boy or girl baby.


    • Black and white or sepia-toned photographs lend a classic air to any party and can often serve as a conversation piece. Frame black and white baby pictures of the father and mother-to-be, and set them in the middle of the gift table as a fun but elegant centerpiece. If the baby shower is being held after the baby arrives, use photos of the baby and give them to the new mother as a gift at the end of the shower.

    Letter Garland

    • Create a garland using letters cut out from patterned paper. Choose an elegant pattern, such as one that has muted pinks or blues and creams. Create a phrase such as "welcome baby" or simply spell out the baby's name. A silken ribbon ties the letters together into garland, which can drape across a doorway, the gift table, or the wall.


    • Candles are another ubiquitous decoration for any elegant affair, so make them relevant to the baby shower by grouping them in distinctive ways. Fill a small toy wagon, for example, with a group of white candles. If the wagon is too red to be sophisticated, as toy wagons often are, try using a can of metal spray paint to paint it pale pink, blue or a very pale yellow. Or, place the candles on an antique child's dinner plate, or place them flat on the table in simple candle holders, but surround them with old wooden alphabet blocks for a whimsical but still elegant feel.

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