The Best Ways to Remove Cat Hair From Curtains


Cat owners know that cat fur gets into every nook and cranny of the house. Even if the cat has never set foot into a particular room, chances are that cat hair is there. It can stick to furniture, clothing and curtains and be difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, cleaning up behind a shedding cat does not have to be a difficult task.


  • Vacuuming the curtains may not necessarily work for all cat fur. Thicker, coarser cat furs may work with the vacuum, but thin, fine cat fur may be more difficult to remove. Investing in a vacuum that is aimed at removing pet hair may also be ideal for removing cat fur from the curtains and other items in the home.

Rubber Kitchen Gloves

  • Rubber kitchen gloves that have a texture to them can be beneficial in removing cat hair from curtains. The rubber texture grips onto the fur, so the owner can wipe the fur right off the curtain. However, it is a good idea to keep a vacuum or trash can nearby so the owner can remove the hair and place it right into the garbage or vacuum it up so that the static does not cause the hair to reattach to the curtains.

Lint Brush

  • A reusable lint brush can work wonders for cat hair on curtains. Simply wipe the curtains down using the lint brush, clean it off and reuse until all of the fur has been removed. Cat owners can use the lint brush for touch-ups between full cleaning sessions as well.


  • Some cats are heavy shedders and the only solution is to regularly launder the curtains. Running the curtains through the wash every other month can remove a significant amount of cat hair. Between launderings, spot removal may be necessary.


  • Preventing the cat hair from getting to the curtain can also be helpful. Brushing the cat weekly or bi-weekly can cut down on the amount of fur that is distributed as the cat sheds, which in turn reduces the amount of fur that reaches the curtains.

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