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Prominent among modern and Art Deco architecture, the flat roof's broad, horizontal surface simultaneously presents an attractive, streamlined appearance and a serious weatherproofing problem. Most flat roofs receive all-day, direct exposure to sunlight and tend to gather water puddles. The resulting deterioration means that many flat roof owners eventually face a repair or renovation job. Whether you're patching a leak or replacing an entire roof, become familiar with flat roof repair products and choose the right kind for your project.

EPDM Membrane

  • Ethylene propylene diene monomer is a rubber membrane specially designed to resist deterioration caused by sunlight. Available in large, rolled sheets, roofers glue this product to a roof's sheathing. EPDM sheets may be used to cover an entire roof or small pieces may be used to patch leaks and holes.

Roll Roofing

  • Roll roofing, also called mineral paper, consists of adhesive-bound layers of tar paper topped with a protective coating of mineral grit. Entire roofs, particularly flat roofs, are covered with overlapping layers of the paper. Roofers attach roll roofing with hot asphalt, fasteners or roofing nails.

Roofing Cement

  • The term roofing cement refers to a variety of waterproof, asphalt roof coatings. Like paint, this product is available in both 1-gallon and 5-gallon buckets. General purpose roofing cement appears as a thick, black paste. A roofer scoops and spreads the cement from its bucket with a putty knife. Roofing cement patches cracks and holes and seals the edges of metal roof components, such as drip edge and flashing. Specialized varieties of roofing cement include rubberized or plastic roofing cement and wet patch cement. Ingredients included in rubberized roofing cement allow the product to remain permanently flexible and resist cracking. Wet patch roofing cement is specially designed to cure under wet conditions. A roofing repair professional uses wet patch to seal cracks and holes during rainy weather.

Paint Roller

  • Attached to an extension pole, the common paint roller spreads and evenly distributes roofing adhesives and viscous waterproofing compounds across a flat roof's surface. This tool pushes coatings along a flat roof's edges and into corners.

Caulking Gun

  • Many roofing adhesives and cements are available in tubes. These tubes load into a caulking gun and expel their contents with the pull of a trigger. Similar in appearance to a bulky pistol, the caulking gun shoots a thin, evenly distributed bead of roof adhesive or cement from its tube.

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