Effects of a Coffee Diet

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The coffee diet requires drinking several cups of coffee.

The coffee diet is a diet plan that incorporates coffee throughout the day to increase metabolic rate and burn calories with each cup of coffee. Like all diets, there are possible health risks, especially when already heavy coffee drinkers add even more coffee to their intake, but there are health benefits due to coffee as well. The key to a successful diet is to balance the benefits and the negative aspects to lose weight, and knowing all of the potential effects of the diet makes that easier.

  1. Weight Loss

    • The coffee diet causes weight loss because the caffeine in the coffee increases metabolic rates. Every cup of coffee added to the day results in more calories burned. According to the Mayo Clinic, coffee can act as an appetite suppressant as well, lowering caloric intake by reducing the urge to snack.

    Health Benefits

    • The coffee diet suggests drinking coffee will help speed up weight loss. However, coffee in moderation has some health benefits over extreme amounts of coffee, which is not good for the body. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, coffee in moderation can help minimize the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

    Risks of Coffee

    • Coffee in moderation has some health benefits, but too much coffee results in health risks rather than benefits. According to the Mayo Clinic, 2 to 4 regular cups of coffee are generally safe and come with the health benefits, but more coffee than that can cause someone who's sensitive to caffeine to experience increased heart rate, headaches, tremors, nervousness, anxiety and other symptoms. People with heart problems should not use the coffee diet to lose weight, as an increased heart rate can lead to heart attack in some individuals.

    Dehydration and Water Loss

    • Coffee is shown to increase to remove water from the body, thus increasing the need to urinate. The coffee diet can result in water loss and dehydration if the dieter does not drink enough water to compensate for the water loss. Water loss can lead to temporary weight loss, but it only lasts for a short time. When on the coffee diet, an added glass of water with every cup of coffee will reduce the risk of dehydration.

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