Popular Neutral Interior Paint Colors

In interior design, neutral color refers to any of the many of variations of white, beige and gray. Neutral paint colors are favorite choices for many designers because they evoke a sense of calm and go with most other colors well. Building a room's color palette with a neutral foundation is a foolproof approach to interior decorating.

Neutral Interior Paint Colors
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Whites include bright, "clean" whites and off-whites. If your goal is to open up your space and make it appear lighter, white is a good choice. Pure, "clean" whites are whites without any pink or blue undertones. They pair well with beige and gray accents and colors in the cool spectrum. Common pure white paint colors are Pratt & Lambert's Designer White and Benjamin Moore's Super White. Off-whites are whites with a just a touch of color added, from gray to yellow to pink. Off-whites can look cool or warm, depending on their undertones, so for best results pair with accent colors that present similar coolness or warmth. Benjamin Moore's White Dove and Sherwin Williams' Dover White are two off-white paint colors.

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Beige has been a favorite neutral interior paint color for decades because it goes so well with most other colors. It adds more warmth than white and gives a room a light, simple look that lets your furnishings stand out. Beige-browns have a warm, creamy quality and are calming and restful. Common beige paint colors include Farrow & Ball's String 8, Full Spectrum Paints Mushroom and Benjamin Moore's Shelburne Buff. Taupes are beiges with added gray and are very versatile neutrals. Some taupe paint colors include Benjamin Moore's Rustic Taupe, Hampshire Taupe and Litchfield Gray.

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Gray is a neutral color used among today's interior designers. It lends a subdued, sophisticated look to interiors. Gray is very adaptable and can complement any color scheme or decor. It works equally well in traditional or contemporary settings. Shades of gray range from pale, silvery grays to dark slates and ebonies. The gray family includes olive-grays, blue-grays, violet-grays and brown-grays. Common gray interior paint colors include Benjamin Moore's Bear Creek and Graytint, Farrow & Ball's Green Blue 84, and Sherwin William's Magnetic Gray.

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