Baby Shower Place Card Ideas

Celebrate a new life soon to be joining the world by planning a baby shower. Baby showers are parties where the mother-to-be (and sometimes the father) are "showered" with gifts to help prepare them for life with a new baby. Showers may be formal or informal. Help your shower guests find their place at the party by creating custom seating place cards.

  1. Message in a Bottle

    • While long-lost objects washing up on islands and beaches are often glass beer bottles, you can create your own bottle messages to serve as place cards at your baby shower. Purchase inexpensive baby bottles at a dollar shop or in bulk from a wholesaler. On an index card, use a similarly colored marker to write the shower attendee's name in large letters on both sides of the card. Cut the index card so that it fits through the top of the bottle and slip the card inside. Tighten the cap and decorate the bottles with colored silk ribbon to match the baby shower's theme colors. Place each bottle where the named guest should sit; guests can donate the bottles to the soon-to-be mother after the shower is over.


    • Rattles are a symbol associated with babyhood; use them as your inspiration for a custom, though less noisy, place card. Instead of generic, store-bought place cards, design rattle-shaped cards on your computer. Drawing software, such as Paint (available on all Windows installations) and Photoshop (available with the Adobe Creative Suite), lets you create images of rattles quickly. You can draw in the colors for your shower, and even add in and position the person's name. Print the rattles on cardstock or thick paper and cut out the rattle shape. Place each rattle into a picture or alligator clip and position it on a plate for each guest.

    Cute Cocktails

    • The guest of honor was probably warned by her doctor to avoid cocktails during her pregnancy, but there are no adverse effects known to be caused by the cocktail umbrellas themselves. The tiny, decorated paper umbrellas that often embellish drinks such as mai tais and pina coladas are thought to have originated in Hawaii and Polynesia before coming to San Francisco at a speakeasy called Trader Vic's. Cocktail umbrellas (available in bulk from party suppliers) come in just about any color to match your party's theme. Ask a friend or family member with a steady hand to carefully write each guest's name in a thick black marker on one of the panels of the umbrella. Position an umbrella onto each guest's plate or leave it fully opened and sticking out of a shot glass at her place at the table.

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