What Baby Items Are Safe to Buy Used?

Having a baby is a joy, but it can also be very expensive with all the necessities, and babies grow out of items rather quickly. Buying used items can help cut down the cost, but you should know which items are safe. Many used items are in like-new condition and require minimal cleaning. Be sure to check current recall information before buying used items for your baby.

  1. Clothing

    • Babies grow extremely fast during the first year and grow out of clothing after wearing something only a few times. Choosing used clothing is a great way to cut costs. When buying used baby clothing, inspect for stains, rips and holes, and check all zippers and buttons to make sure they work properly. Winter clothing such as hats and coats are good items to buy used. Typically, these items are worn only a few times and are in excellent condition.


    • Babies often have a lot of toys, and many are hardly played with before they are outgrown. When buying used toys, make sure they are age-appropriate and working properly. Check for broken or loose pieces and chipping paint. Toys should be inspected for small pieces that could be choking hazards. It is especially important to check recall information to make sure used toys are not recalled. If a used toy is on the recall list, do not use it.

    Play Equipment

    • Many play equipment items such as swings, bouncers and exersaucers are hardly used, because babies grow out of them so fast. When selecting used play equipment, you need to be certain that they are securely put together and all parts are working correctly. For items with electrical components, inspect plugs and install new batteries. When buying used play equipment, it is important to buy items that were manufactured in the last few years, to be sure they abide by recent safety standards.


    • Besides the crib or other sleeping equipment, babies typically need other furniture, such as rocking chairs, changing tables, dressers and armoires. Buying gently used baby furniture can save a great deal of money. Make sure the used furniture is in good condition with no missing parts, chips, or paint that is peeling. Also make sure the furniture meets current safety standards and has not been recalled.

    Used Baby Item Resources

    • A variety of options are available for purchasing used baby items, such as garage sales, consignment stores, Craigslist and eBay. Many items are in excellent condition, but make sure to wash and inspect everything before using it for your baby.

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