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The holidays are a time of fun and celebration, and with a little planning you can throw a fabulous mixer that will bring out the holiday spirit in all of your guests. Food and drinks make a party more enjoyable, but you may not want to rely on conversation alone to entertain your guests. Have a few games ready for when the conversation lulls, and you will maintain a lively, festive atmosphere throughout the party.

Who Am I

  • "Who Am I" is a game that you can throw together at the drop of a hat, and is a good way to get your guests talking. Each player has the name of a famous person taped to his back on an index card, where he can't see it. He must go around the party asking other guests yes or no questions to determine what name is written on his back. He may only ask each guest one question at a time. If you are throwing a mixer with people who know each other fairly well, writing names of other guests on the index cards can make for an amusing game. If you want to stick to a holiday theme, make the names on the cards holiday movie characters. You can award a prize to the first person who determines who she is.

Belt Race

  • The "Belt Race" is a game that works well at parties made up of couples or eligible singles. Tie two belts together and lay them in a loop on the floor. Two people stand back-to-back inside the loop and race to get the belt above their heads without using their hands. Three or more teams race against each other, and the first team to pull the belt over their heads and drop it back on the floor wins.

12 Days of Christmas

  • For Christmas-themed parties, the "12 Days of Christmas" game is easy to play. Hand out an index card to each of your guests. Have them write down the name of a type of person, animal or thing, for example "baker" or "baseball." Shuffle the cards into a pile, and have everyone sit in a rough circle. The first person must pick a card and insert the word into the "12 Days of Christmas" song; for example, "On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me a baseball in a pear tree." The person to the right of the first player does the same with the next line, and must recite the song from the beginning. If a player laughs or forgets the words, she loses. Each time a guest is out, reshuffle the cards and begin the song again with the next person. The last person left wins.

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