Columbus Day Crafts for Kids


Children are taught at a young age that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in the year 1492. His discovery of the New World is celebrated every year in the U.S. on the second Monday in October. Celebrating his explorations leads to some exciting arts and crafts for children to acknowledge the holiday.

Globe Craft

  • Older children can create their own globes. Blow up a circular balloon and tie the end. Tear newspaper into strips, dip them in liquid starch or white glue and lay them across the balloon until it is entirely covered. Apply three or four layers of newspaper, and let dry for a few days. Paint the globe white. Once it's dry, paint the continents and oceans as people believe they existed in Columbus's day.

Indian Canoe

  • Columbus encountered many Native Amercans, or Indians, in the New World. Fold a six-inch square of brown paper in half, and open it. About three quarters of an inch on both sides of the center fold, make two more upward folds that form a W shape. Fold the paper together. Draw curves on the sides to make a canoe shape and cut it out. Punch holes along the sides and push down the folds to make the canoe floor. Weave yarn through the holes on the sides and tie them in place to make a standing canoe. Create Indians out of Play-Doh to place inside the canoe.

Columbus Telescope

  • This is an easy project for young kids. Give each child an empty paper towel roll. Cover the roll with black construction paper and tape it in place. Tape a strip of yellow construction paper at one end. Decorate the telescopes with paint, and place them upright to dry.

Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria

  • Create Columbus’s ships. Cut out three cups of an egg carton and paint the insides and outsides brown. Once dry, line the insides with Play-Doh. Artists Helping Children advises cutting white paper for sails. Cut six pieces 1-inch by 1 ½-inches and 14 pieces ¾-inch by ½-inch. Cut six toothpicks in half, and glue two of the smaller sails together at the top of each, enclosing the toothpick. Glue two larger sails together at the top of two uncut toothpicks. On a third uncut toothpick, glue the last two small sails at the top. Leave a small space and glue the last two larger sails underneath. On each sail, draw the cross that Columbus used with red marker. Stick the longer toothpicks in the middle of each ship into the Play-Doh, with a smaller sail on either side. Paint water on a thick piece of cardboard and glue the boats on top.

Columbus Hat

  • Make Columbus’s hat for youngsters. Draw the rough shape of the hat on a piece of black construction paper, or print out a hat pattern from a crafts or education website. Cut out the pattern from two sheets of black paper to have two hat cutouts of the same size and shape. Staple them together at the ends, so the hat slides onto a child’s head. Draw the cross symbol on Columbus’s hat on red construction paper. Cut it out, and glue it on the front of the hat.

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