Natural Bed Bug Treatments


Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that easily hide within fabrics and in small spaces. The insects often feed on a human host during the night, leaving a telltale red skin rash behind. There are several natural treatments to get rid of bed bugs that do not require harmful chemicals or pesticides.


  • Vacuuming physically removes bed bugs from an infested area. To treat beg bugs by vacuuming, use a strong vacuum with attachments that can reach into small areas. Disassemble your bed and remove clutter from the infested room. Vacuum the carpet, box spring, mattress and another other fabrics found within the room. Use the attachments to reach into small areas where beg bugs may be hiding. A vacuum will remove any bed bugs that you come in contact with, but other bugs may be out of reach and persist.


  • Washing linens and fabrics from the infested room will kill and remove beg bugs that are present within the fabric. The soap used during washing and heat used during drying effectively kills any bed bugs that are present. Use other treatments in addition to washing linens, as bed bugs may be living in places other than linens.


  • The high heat from a steamer can kill beg bugs in infested beds or carpets. While the steam will kill any bug that it comes in contact with, it may not reach all of the bugs present. Steam heat also has the potential to damage fabrics and surfaces, as well as wetting mattresses so that mold is more likely. Provide good air circulation to dry beds or carpets thoroughly after steam cleaning.


  • Placing infested objects in direct sunlight will kill beg bugs due to the heat of the sun. Place the objects in a warm, dry area where they will receive constant, direct sunlight.

Diatomaceous Earth and Boric Acid

  • Diatomaceous earth and boric acid are natural powders that repel and kill beg bugs. Do not use these powders on your mattress, box spring or bedding. Sprinkle the powders in cracks and crevices along the walls, floors and ceilings where bed bugs may enter the home.


  • Fabric or vinyl mattress and pillow covers are an effective way to kill bed bugs. The bed bugs are unable to escape the cover and will eventually die due to the lack of food. Use mattress covers in addition to other treatments to fully eradicate the bed bugs.

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