20 Cheap & Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults


While Halloween is often targeted toward children, it doesn't mean grown ups can't get in on the fun. This holiday is the best time to express ourselves in hilariously creative and clever ways. Unfortunately, costumes for adults tend to be pricey. Instead of splurging on something you'll wear once a year, try your hand at one of these easy homemade ideas. Your wallet will thank you, too.

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1. Emotional Baggage Halloween Costume

Love puns? Consider making a emotional baggage costume, complete with a box of tissues. Because this project is made of mostly paper, it's the ultimate budget-friendly project. Thanks to the literal take on the popular saying, this outfit will win you a night full of laughter and compliments.

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2. Hungry Hungry Hippo Group Costumes

Take a walk down memory lane with a Hungry Hungry Hippo Group Costume. This board game-inspired idea is fitting for groups or couples who want to coordinate their Halloween ensembles. After each person picks a color, he or she can customize the outfit by wearing their favorite type of garments. Tutus and bright colors highly encouraged.

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3. Plate of Spaghetti Costume

Are you a self-proclaimed foodie? Show off your love for good grub with a hilarious DIY plate of spaghetti costume. Made with yarn "spaghetti" and towel "meatballs," this project is all about using ordinary supplies in creative ways. The best part is that it requires simple hand-stitching and a trusty glue gun; no fancy skills needed.

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4. Shark Costume

Be the (marine) life of the party with a handmade shark costume. While it may look complicated, you will need zero sewing skills and just a few hours to complete this project. Made with inexpensive supplies such as felt and pool noodles, this is one costume that oozes personality and fun.

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5. Dorothy From Wizard of Oz Costume

Dressing up the entire family in a group costume is fun and festive way to bond with one another. If your entourage has many members, consider taking on the characters from Wizard of Oz. With such a variety of personalities, you'll be sure to find a costume for everyone. As for yourself? Dorothy, Glinda the Good Witch, and the Wicked Witch of the West are all great adult options.

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6. Female Pirate Costume

Dressing up as a pirate is a fun excuse to say "matey" and wear an eye patch. However, most commercial pirate costumes are designed for men. If you're looking for a feminine version, try creating a custom female pirate costume. This tutorial demonstrates how to use lace and embellishments to dress up a black coat. To top it off, it also explains how to make a paper parrot sidekick for your shoulder.

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7. No-Sew Strawberry Costume

Sometimes, simple and sweet is best. This no-sew strawberry costume is the epitome of just that. Made with basic clothing, paper and felt, this project proves that a little hot glue can go a long way. It's an ideal outfit if you love healthy eating, farmer's markets or fruits.

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8. Funny 50 Shades of Grey Couples Costume

If you and your significant other love puns and creativity, consider making a hilarious 50 shades of grey couples costume. This literal spin on the popular book series is extremely easy to make and fun. In place of paint chips, you can also use card stock in various shades of grey. Don't worry, 50 exact shades aren't required.

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9. Tryion Lannister Costume

Fellow "Game of Thrones" fans will marvel at this Tyrion Lannister costume, inspired by our favorite wine-loving character. The little boots and cardboard wine barrel are also surprisingly easy to create. Witty personality not required, but highly recommended.

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10. Watermelon Dress Costume

If you want something comfortable and practical, try making a watermelon dress for Halloween. Because this project doesn't use anything more than fabric dye and paint on a white dress, you won't need the extra bells and whistles of most costumes. Once Halloween is over, you can still wear the dress next summer.

(Image: How to Make a Watermelon Dress)

11. Grape Bunch Costume

With an outfit like this grape bunch costume, you won't go unnoticed on Halloween night. It's pretty amazing how something as standard as balloons can mimic the look of grapes. And while this playful project may be tricky to travel with, it sure is fun to look at. For the ultimate group outfit, have a friend or family member wear our no-sew strawberry costume.

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12. Wind Up Key for a Costume

Turn any dress into an instant doll costume with a handmade wind up key. Made with a paper towel tube and scrap cardboard, this is a great option if you're scrambling for a last minute costume. Simply pair it with one of your favorite dresses or pick up a vintage piece from the thrift store.

(Image: How to Create a Wind Up Key for a Costume )

13. Pinterest Costume

Show off your social media skills with a DIY Pinterest costume. As a paper-based project featuring magazine cut outs, this project will save you a pretty penny. To replicate your actual Pinterest boards, simply print out your favorite photos.

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14. Gumball Machine Costume

For another no-sew project to satisfy your sweet tooth, create a gumball machine costume. Your iron and hot glue gun will play a big role in this project. The pom-poms really make this costume; they're fun and playful without going over the top. It also may be a good idea to practice your bubble-blowing skills before Halloween, too.

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15. Zombie Nerd Costume

Dressing up as a zombie is a popular option during Halloween. Not only is it easy, but it's quite entertaining to walk around like one. This year, try something new and dress up in a zombie nerd costume. This non-traditional version is perfect for bookworms who just want to have a little fun. Plus, thrift store finds and makeup are all you need to create this look.

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16. Maleficent Costume

Steal the show with an authentic Maleficent Costume, complete with frightening yet mesmerizing horns. You'll be surprised at how some duct tape and clever makeup techniques can transform you into a beautiful villain. This tutorial even shows you how to make the accessories needed to complete the look.

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17. Garden Party Dollar Store Costume

Green thumbs and flower fans will adore this clever DIY garden party costume. Made with a generous helping of dollar store faux flowers, this outfit is appropriate for novice crafters with little to no experience. To customize this flirty look, select flowers in your absolute favorite colors.

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18. Daenerys Targaryen Braids

Thanks to this easy-to-follow tutorial, you can create Daenerys Targaryen's braids for a look inspired by Games of Thrones. Your best bet is to pair your new hair-do with an elegant, flowing dress. While you may not be able to find a real dragon to hang out on your shoulder, you can purchase a toy dragon from a craft or dollar store.

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19. Lichenstein Comic Book Makeup

When it comes to Halloween, cosmetics can go a long way. With this tutorial, you can recreate Roy Lichenstein's iconic artwork with comic book makeup. If you're hesitant about using cosmetics from your own stash, head to the drugstore and pick up the supplies for cheap. Because this look focuses on the face, you don't need to focus too much on your clothing.

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20. 90s Pun Costume

Now, if you're really pressed for time, this 90s pun costume will save the day. Here's a hint: Say "9 D's" out loud. Sound familiar? For this project, all you need is a plain T-shirt and a black permanent marker. Complete the look with grunge-inspired clothing and you've got yourself a costume.

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