Fun Halloween Party Games for a 6-Year-Old


Halloween is a time of year when many people choose to have a party to celebrate. If you have a young child or are an early elementary school teacher, having some games on hand for your young party-goers is important to keep them entertained. The games also should be age-appropriate so that they have a good time and possibly learn something as they play.

Bean Bag Toss

  • In this game, the children take small bean-filled bags and try to throw them through a hole in a board. Use a plastic candy-collecting pumpkin. Another option is to make your own board in whatever shape you choose, such as a haunted house window, a witch’s mouth or black cat’s mouth. The team that tosses their bags through the most number of times wins.

Candy Jar Guessing Game

  • This game requires a clear jar and lots of Halloween candy. Count out the candy pieces that you will be putting in the jar, then put them in. Sit the jar up on a table and have each child guess how many pieces of candy are in the jar. Keep a record of who guessed what number. At the end of the party, the child who guessed the closest to the correct amount either wins the candy within the jar or another special prize.

Mummy Wrap

  • This game is much like a bridal shower game in which the participants wrap the bride in toilet paper as a wedding dress. For a children’s party, split the kids into teams and give them a roll or two of toilet paper. On your signal, let them wrap a designated team member in toilet paper like a mummy. The team that wraps the fastest and most completely wins.

Pass the Pumpkin

  • Give the kids a miniature pumpkin and have them stand in a circle. Play some Halloween music and let them pass the pumpkin from person to person. The child holding the pumpkin when the music stops is either out, or has to perform some kind of gesture, like bowing or doing a silly dance.

Pin the Tail on the Black Cat

  • In this game children attach a cat’s tail to his body on a large poster on a wall. The catch is, the kids should be blindfolded and spun around a few times. The child who comes closest to the right tail location is the winner.

Who’s the Ghost?

  • This game is played by splitting the children into two teams. Each team takes turns having a designated ghost. One team leaves the room and picks a child to be the ghost. That child will then put a sheet over his or her head and go into the room with the other team. The other team must then try to guess who the ghost is.

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