Card Games for Lovers


There are a wide variety of games that couples can play to liven a relationship, add spark to a romantic getaway or just fill the hours of boredom that come from sitting at home on a Friday night! Card games particularly give couples a great way to learn more about each other and spend quality time having fun and enjoying each other's company.

A Home-Made Newlywed Game

  • A newly wed game is a fun game to play even when the players are not, in fact, newlyweds! To play the easiest form of a newlywed game, write questions on the front of index cards. These should be questions such as: "What is my favorite food?" "What is my favorite television show?" "What is my middle name?" "How did I get the scar on my foot/leg/etc?" "What is the name of my pet?" etc. Then, write the answers to the questions on the back of the cards and see if the significant other can guess them correctly. This is a light hearted game intended for fun and laughter, and it's always great to see just how much significant others know about each other!

Intimate Games

  • Intimate games are designed to bring lovers closer together in a romantic sense, and the best of these games do so in a fun and relaxing manner. These types of games can also give couples courage to try things that they may be too shy or embarrassed to try in a more traditional setting, but the game should always be fun for both participating. One such game involves cards that each detail a different sexual suggestion. First, one partner draws a card and acts out the given description, and then the other partner takes a turn. Another such game involves two decks of cards- one in which a body part is listed on each card, such as "ear" or "lips." On the other deck of cards are listed action verbs, such as "lick" or "kiss." One person draws one card from each deck and proceeds to enact the outcome- for example, "Kiss" + "lips" would result in "Kiss lips." These types of games are designed to always lead to sexual content. These card games and other similar games can be found in places like Spencers, Hot Topic or other game stores.

Strip Poker

  • Strip Poker is a well known game that is designed for light hearted but adult fun. It is more intense than the newlywed game but not quite as erotic as the intimate games listed above. The game is played in the same manner of every other poker game, complete with betting chips and drawing cards, but in this particular version of the popular game, the loser of each round must remove an article of clothing. This may begin with a shoe or a sock, but if the game continues for an extended amount of time, the participating members will begin losing more intimate articles- such as shirts and pants!


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