The Best Color Schemes for Sales


The proper choice of color scheme, or combination of colors, can encourage more sales. Whether a company is ready to design a website, sales presentation, retail store, or even dining establishment, the goal is always to appeal to costumers so they will buy. A person's mood and emotions are affected in various ways when looking at different colors. Modern color therapists, healers and ancient societies worldwide have been interested in the theory that individual colors affect humans spiritually, emotionally and physically in different ways. A strategically planned color scheme can get your customer in the right mood to buy.

The proper color choice will increase sales.
The proper color choice will increase sales. (Image: Tatyana Ogryzko/iStock/Getty Images)

Blue, Black and White

The combination of blue, black and white is beautiful, easy to create and sure to bring sales. Even if a person knows nothing of design or color schemes, she can feel safe with this pleasing combination. In a study conducted by Joseph A. Bellizzi and Robert E. Hite on the impact of red and blue on retail settings, it was found that "Specifically, more positive retail outcomes occurred in blue rather than red environments. More simulated purchases, fewer purchase postponements, and a stronger inclination to shop and browse were found in blue retail environments." Perhaps this is because some of the emotional associations of blue are peace, stability, trust, truth, and cleanliness. White represents purity, simplicity, humility and innocence, while black symbolizes power, sophistication, elegance and wealth.

This color scheme inspires shoppers to buy.
This color scheme inspires shoppers to buy. (Image: Yahor Piaskouski/iStock/Getty Images)

Red, Orange and Yellow

There is sure to be some marketing thought behind the fact that almost every successful fast food chain choose some sort of combination of red, orange and yellow for signs, wrappers, and interior decorating. Although the study by Joseph A. Bellizzi and Robert E. Hite found more customers chose to buy in a blue retail setting than a red retail setting, food will sell with the red, orange, and yellow color scheme. The color red is associated with courage, strength, vigor, ambition and desire, and is attention grabbing. Yellow represents cheerfulness, self-esteem, hope and inspiration. Orange is a combination of yellow and red, and brings feelings of warmth, success, balance, and sociability.

Seats in a fast food restaurant.
Seats in a fast food restaurant. (Image: David Scheuber/iStock/Getty Images)

Purple and Green

Purple combined with green is aesthetically pleasing in just about any shade of either color. When the harmonious color scheme of purple and green is utilized, websites will pop and presentation folders will demand attention. Deep jewel shades of purple and green compliment each other well, and light lavender purple paired with lime green is eye-catching. Purple, and the similar color violet, is associated with beauty, creativity, nobility, enlightenment, and even royalty. Green brings feelings of peace, harmony, growth, balance and represents good luck.

Liven up an office waiting room with purple and green.
Liven up an office waiting room with purple and green. (Image: ????????? ?????/iStock/Getty Images)

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