Large Bridal Shower Games


No bridal shower would be complete without an entertaining game or two for the bride-to-be, her bridesmaids and guests. But sometimes, planning and coordinating games for particularly large parties of 30 or more can be a time-consuming hassle. Learn which bridal shower games are easy to execute for parties of 30 or more people to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time without any confusion or chaos ensuing.

Small Group Games

  • One trick to coordinating games with an overwhelmingly large group of shower guests is to divide the guests into smaller, more manageable groups. Split guests up into groups of three to five people to eliminate frenzy and encourage socialization. One simple, short and amusing bridal shower game for small groups is "Toilet Paper Wedding Dress," where one teammate from each group is chosen to be the "bride" who will model the toilet paper wedding dress that other teammates design and outfit her in. Another suitable game for small groups is "Purse Scavenger Hunt," where each group is given a list of items that are assigned point values. Guests have to find and retrieve the items in their purses in order to score points. The group with the highest score wins. Remember to have enough prizes to be able to reward each winning group member.

Table Games

  • Instead of splitting guests up into groups, use table seating to your advantage and play seated table games that make each table its own team. Mystery bag games are a fitting game for table play, since you can make a set of bags containing mysterious substances for each table to examine without having to move around the room. Fill plastic baggies with white kitchen powders such as flour, baking soda and sugar, number them with a marker, pass them around the tables and have guests try to identify each substance based solely on its appearance.

Whole Group Games

  • Just because the bridal shower turns out to be a large affair doesn't mean all games have to be chaotic or disorganized. For large, whole-group games, stick with very basic ones with simple objectives and tasks. A variation on "Hot Potato," where guests stand in a large circle and pass around an item, is a simple but enjoyable game that is perfect for a large group of guests. Place a funny article of clothing in a few boxes and fill one box with one nice item, such as a corsage or bracelet. Have guests pass the boxes around the circle while music plays in the background. When the music stops, the guests must wear what's inside the box they are holding for the rest of the shower.

Multitask Games

  • Games played at showers with lots of guests often take longer to complete, eating up a good portion of the shower time. Plan games during other activities, such as eating or present-opening, to save time. Raffle off a centerpiece while guests are eating or play "Bridal Shower Bingo" while the bride to-be opens her gifts. Have guests fill in a blank bingo card with gift predictions just before the bride opens her gifts, and as she does, guests can cross them off on their cards in attempt to get the first "Bingo!"

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