Speidel Twist-O-Flex Instructions


Since the company's establishment in 1904, the manufacturers at Speidel have offered hundreds of watchband styles. However, Speidel's Twist-O-Flex bands -- introduced in 1959 -- serve as the company's headlining product. These metal bands use a proprietary expansion technique to suit virtually any wrist size. Though Speidel offers 65 different Twist-O-Flex watch bands ranging in hue from gold to stainless steel to rose, they all work the same way.

Getting Started

Speidel Twist-O-Flex bands start out long and can be made shorter to suit your wrist. Lay the band out flat to get a good picture of its size and an idea of how many links--– or “topshells” -- you want to remove. Start the removal process from the middle of the band. Once you've identified the topshells, tightly wrap the part of the band with those shells around your index finger, holding the slack with your other hand. This separates the shells, exposing their tabs.

Removing the Topshells

When you've expanded the band around your finger, the topshells will slant slightly. Carefully use a thin blade to straighten one. Once straightened, the shell will fall from the band. Remove as many side-by-side topshells as you'd like, setting them aside for later use. Bend the flaps on the bottom of the band diagonally below the exposed links under the removed topshells. Once the flaps are bent, push the two ends of the band surrounding the exposed links away from each other to separate the watchband.


With a pair of tweezers or needle nose pliers, insert the Twist-O-Flex staple -- an accessory that comes with the product -- across the two separate pieces of the band, sliding it under the topshells and over the bottom shells. This will serve as the rear staple, as the front staple is already pre-installed and loosened due to the removal of the topshells. Remove the front staple fully with your pliers or tweezers. Now slide the two pieces of the band together to join them as one.

Securing the Band

Use the pliers or tweezers to bend the bottom flaps around the joined section of the band upward. Locate the topshells you set aside for later. Straighten any shells that were bent during removal using the head of the pliers or the pressure of a blunt tool against a hard surface. Lay the Twist-O-Flex flat and snap the topshells over the exposed links of the band. Expand the band over your finger as you did before and use your thin blade to bend down the tabs under the newly reinserted topshell; this locks the shells in place.

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