Ways to Cool a Room


Cooling a room can appear to be a challenging task, especially during a hot and humid summer. However, the process is important and actually involves just a few quick and simple steps. Making the move to keep your room cool not makes your living or working situation more comfortable, but also can save you money on energy costs.

Use Air Conditioning

  • A prime way to cool a room is to use an air conditioning system in your house or business. When using a central air conditioner, use a programmable thermostat to adjust the setting at night or when no one is home to save costs. Make sure the vents in the room you are trying to cool remain open, and close off vents in other unused rooms to force more air into your target room if necessary. You also can use a window air conditioner in the room you want to cool.

Turn on Fans

  • Use a fan with your window air conditioner unit to spread the cool air throughout the room and the rest of your establishment more quickly. To save energy costs, you also can open your room's window, turn on the ceiling fan so that the air blows downward or use portable fans instead of operating your home's central air conditioner.

    A whole-house fan or evaporative cooler also can help draw heat out of your home and thus make your target room cooler. A whole-house fan simply pulls air through open windows on the home's bottom floors and exhausts it through the roof, while an evaporative cooler pulls air over pads soaked with cold water.

Avoid Heat-Producing Items

  • Another step that will help you cool a room is to replace the room's incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, which use a fifth of the heat and energy while still producing the same amount of light. Also, if you have a computer in the room you want to cool down, turn the computer and monitor off when you are not using them. Likewise, turn off power strips in which DVD players, television sets and other home electronics are plugged when you are not using these devices, as this also will help you keep your room cool.

Take Other Steps

  • Install white window shades, blinds or drapes in the room you wish to cool off, as the color white reflects heat away from your room. In addition, if the room is on the south or west side of your house or business, close the curtains to these windows during the day to keep the sun out. Also, consider installing awnings or a reflective film on your room's windows if the windows are south-facing.

    For room windows that face the west, put a tree, trellis or fence outside the window to help combat the angle of the sun in this situation. Deciduous trees placed outside of your room's south- or west-facing windows also can be helpful for cooling the room. In addition, check the caulking and weatherstripping around your room's windows or doors to ensure they are keeping cool air in.

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