Types of Saltwater Shrimp for Eating


Shrimp, a seafood consumed over the wold, are also known as prawns. There are over 300 shrimp species living in cold and warm water, as well as salt and freshwater. Saltwater cold shrimp is among the most popular shrimp sold. Shrimp come in colors ranging from blue, brown, green, pink, yellow to white and turn pink after cooking. Although there are several edible varieties, the most common shrimps served in the United States are the giant tiger prawn, northern shrimp, pink shrimp and spot prawns.

Giant Tiger Prawn

  • The giant tiger prawn is a large gray-blue shrimp with black stripes, like a tiger. These prawns are also known as black tiger shrimp. Giant tiger prawns found in the waters of Asia and can grow up to 13 inches. They are the most widely distributed shrimp in the world, sold in grocery stores and restaurants. Giant tiger prawns are not the most healthy choice of shrimp to consume, says the Environmental Defense Fund and suggests that you shouldn't eat them more than four times a month due to the unhealthy, contaminated waters the tiger prawns live in.

Northern Shrimp

  • The northern shrimp is another variety that's consumed in the United States and Canada. This shrimp thrives in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans. The U.S. imports the northern shrimp from Canada and Greenland. The northern shrimp may be consumed in moderation, says the Environmental Defense Fund.

Pink Shrimp

  • Pink shrimp from Oregon is an eco-friendly choice of shrimp to eat. Eco-friendly means they are not caught in the wild but hatched at shrimp farms to be sold and consumed. Shrimps hatched, raised and fed in controlled water conditions are healthier and free of disease and toxins, unlike wild shrimp from the ocean. One can consume pink shrimp as often as desired.

Spot Prawns

  • Spot prawns come from the North Pacific Ocean. They are commonly found in the United States waters from Alaska to Southern California and off the Sea of Japan to the Korea Strait. The United States gets the majority of its supply in its own waters; however, imported shrimp from British Columbia are the healthiest. The spot prawn is a healthy, eco-friendly choice of shrimp and may be consumed freely, says the Environmental Defense Fund.

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